Culture Curriculum

This page hosts the videos for my 9-week culture curriculum. This class has a cultural, rather than a language, focus. This was created for a class that had no interest in learning a second language but had an overabundance of high energy boys.

Unit 1: Greetings Around the World

Senor Wooly

Argentinian Greeting

El alfabeto

Are you typical

Personal Space

Is it rude to not say 'hello'?

Greeting Etiquette


SNL: Parody of a Spanish Soap Opera

Unit 2- Our Cultural Roots

Ellis Island

Ellis Island

Edited version

How English evolved

Unit 3: Guatemala (Day of the Dead)

Guatemalan Kites

History behind the kites (more info)

Butterfly Legend (Mx)

Los colores (sad)

De que color eres?

Unit 4: Puerto Rico


Calle 13

Alex Zurdo - Reggaetón

Guacamole in a bag

Song: Alphabet


Clapping Game

Unit 5: Costa Rica

Costa Rica Facts

Nicoya Province


Close to San Jose

Downtown San Jose

Would I go back?

La Llorona

The Chupacabra

El Cadejo

El Silbon

How to Make a Quipu

Nazca Lines

The 10's

(It's awesome!)

Cuenta! 1-30

0-30 tutorial

Unit 6: FIFA


Unit 7: Spanish Countries

Spanish Countries Song

Central America

South America