Pack 370 Leaders

See below for a list of current Pack 370 volunteer leaders.

Volunteer Contacts

For general inquiries, please email pack370cubs@gmail.com, which reaches our Cubmaster team and Committee Chair.

Becoming a Leader

Pack 370 is run entirely by volunteers. The pack cannot be successful with the efforts of parents and our community. We can find roles large or small for those interested in volunteering to support the pack.

How do I become a leader?

  1. Create an account at my scouting here and take youth protection.
  2. Ask for an adult leader application form. Fill out the form using the same email and name you used at my scouting. The paper application must be signed by the pack committee chairman and the charter organizational representative.

What Makes a Leader “Trained” ?

Every leader position has multiple steps towards trained status. Check here to determine which training courses you need to become trained.

Most requirements can be taken online at my.scouting.org, but in person training is often faster and available several times a year. More information and a local training calendar can be found here.

What if I want a smaller role?

Fill out our parent interest survey here, and someone from the pack will get in touch when we have a need for someone with your skills and interests.

All Pack 370 leadership is provided by volunteers. All of these volunteers are trained in BSA Youth Protection before becoming members of the pack, and have completed full background checks. Most are parents of current or recent Cub Scouts in Pack 370.