Conference Etiquette

Poster Presenters

Large binder clips will be provided to secure your poster to the stand. Please remain by your poster once it has been displayed. Be prepared to give a 10 minute "elevator speech" to the judges. Once the judges have talked with you, feel free to network and review other students posters, however, Do not take your poster down. Posters must remain on the stand until the second round of judging occurs. Winners from the second round will receive an award during the Awards Ceremony.


  • Business casual for men
    • A shirt with a collar
    • Dress slacks or khaki pants
    • Loafers or dress shoes
  • Business Casual for women
    • Dress
    • Blouse
    • Slacks or a skirt
    • Flats or dress shoes


  • Please leave your poster on the stand throughout the duration of the conference so that others may learn about your research and for the second round of judging for awards.
  • Participants are encouraged to be familiar with information pertaining to their field of research in case of audience questions.
  • Participants are strongly encouraged to remain at the conference throughout the duration; there will be snacks and light refreshments, awards, a keynote speaker, graduate school representatives, and breakout sessions.
  • As with most research conferences, this is a great opportunity for networking! Feel free to reach out to fellow researchers, and since all participants are undergraduates, there is a high chance that you may work with these individuals in the future!
  • Phones should be set on silent mode, and please use discretion when taking images or posting to social media.
  • Please do not leave the room during a creative works or google slide presentation.
  • Participants are encouraged to ask presenters questions, but please do so appropriately.
  • Have an open mind and explore the many different fields of research that fellow undergraduate students are involved in.
  • Your family, friends, professors or PI's are welcome and encouraged to attend this event.