What is CTLPDE?

CT Libraries and Partners for Digital Equity, a project of the CT State Library, is an alliance in formation based on a tested national model. We seek to bring together libraries and community organizations to advocate digital equity through universal affordable residential broadband adoption, the provision of devices to all who lack them, digital life skills training via one-on-one and long-term mentorship, and technical support. We are coming together in anticipation of the growth of the digital equity ecosystem under the leadership of the State of Connecticut and funding from the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the Digital Equity Act, and philanthropy. We aim to lift-up the role of libraries and to amplify community voices and needs through educational presentations and conversations with stakeholders within our communities. Our goal is a Connecticut in which all residents have the tools necessary to support their education, health, well-being, economic prosperity, and the ability to function fully in society.

What is Digital Equity?

A Human Approach to Closing the Digital Divide

Join Us

If you are serving the public via a community organization, a government agency, a library, or other institution, please consider joining our monthly meetings to share information about things you expect to impact the digital equity ecosystem, to learn from pilot projects, to increase the statewide alignment regarding digital equity solutions, and collaborate on getting out the digital equity message. We meet on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 2 p.m.

For more information, contact Christine Gauvreau in the Division of Library Development of the CT State Library at christine.gauvreau@ct.gov.