Assistive Technology

About Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology (AT) is a technology device, platform, or service that aims to improve an individuals functioning. It may support speech, learning, or daily functioning. Ongoing innovations and development in technology can support accommodations and modifications for those with intellectual and physical disabilities.

Why Assistive Technology Matters

Our goal is to highlight the important of Assistive technology for education. AT can support students in achieving a range of academic and behavioural expectations. In order to ensure all students can be successful in our classrooms we must make it our priority to provide resources, tools, and a variety of strategies for student use. As we continue to move into a digital age we recognize the value and importance that technology can have in the classroom. AT breaks down barriers for students who may have intellectual or physical disabilities, and can foster increased self esteem and motivation to learn in students with learning disabilities. We student feel more confident in their abilities we are preparing them for life long learning and academic success.