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Early Literacy Monday, July 12 8:30-12:30 4 hours

Teaching Language & Literacy in the Environment/Intentional Planning for Literacy: Every Child Successful Everyday!

The session will focus on approaches to promote speaking, listening, reading, and writing in all aspects of the environment. Participants will walk away with tangible strategies and resources that are easily implemented and phonological awareness continuum and the importance of the skills. REGISTER HERE

Early Math Instruction, Monday, July 19 8:30-12:30 4 hours

Number sense, or a child's " fluidity and flexibility with numbers" is a critical readiness for starting school. There is a clear developmental progression that can me used as a valuable road map for teachers when they use it as planned instruction based on each child's individualized needs. Number sense is linked to future math achievement in a manner similar to the way phonological awareness has been linked to reading achievement. REGISTER HERE

*********Dyslexia trainings with Dr. Matthew Burns 8:30-11.30 unless otherwise noted.

July days will mirror the days CSPD hosted in January with Dr. Burns, please share this information with those who may benefit from this training. August days are NEW sessions.

Tuesday, July 27 Session I – Dyslexia: What is it and how do we screen for it? This day will be specific to Montana Dyslexia Screening and Interventions. Register Here for JULY 27/28

Wednesday, July 28 Session II – Dyslexia: What do we do for intervention?

The second session will discuss the Montana Dyslexia Screening and Intervention Act, and how it compares to current research in reading and instruction. The session will discuss how to determine the specific needs of each student and to use those data to implement best practices within a multitiered system of support. We will suggest specific research-based interventions for several types of reading difficulties and how to best intensify interventions.

This is a two day session

Tuesday, August 3 Dyslexia and Progress Monitoring Register here for August 3&4

Wednesday, August 4 , Specific Case Studies

Autism Education Project: FREE Online Autism Training For more information please contact Doug Doty at 406-459-5303 or

CSPD trainings/events are free of charge and offer OPI Renewal units for all trainings.