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I have received word from OPI that all face to face trainings are suspended through this calendar year. I am working to bring Virtual trainings to you this fall and winter. Please check back to see what is being offered virtually via ZOOM.

During this time of Virtual Training please note that CSPD trainings are free, if you reside outside the state of Montana books and supplies cannot be furnished. We will provide you with a resource list as the grant we operate under is specific to Montana educators.

If you register and are unable to fulfill your commitment please cancel via Eventbrite or email to let me know as many sessions have a limited number of seats available.

Thank you for your understanding and dedication.

MTSS Foundations in Tier 2 & 3 with Stuart Mullins

October 21st & 22nd from 8:15-11:15 each day REGISTER HERE Must register to receive the ZOOM link


Tier 2/3 FBA, Visual Scheduling or Self Monitoring as a part of a behavior intervention plan. The integration of Academic, Behavior and Social Emotional Competencies into a 3 Tiered System.

Stuart Mullins is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst based out of Lander, Wyoming. His experiences include seven years as a teacher in elementary and high school settings. He also worked three years as a district level behavior analyst and also worked for the Wyoming Department of Education as a Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) Coach. His most recent experience is working with school and district level teams to find solutions for their individual and systems-level behavior needs.

Stuart's training will focus on how to standardize Tier 2 interventions and build capacity within a school to deliver timely support. The training will also walk through teams on what steps to take when a Tier 2 intervention is not making enough of an impact and resources begin to shift toward developing an individualized, function based Tier 3 for students.

Safe & Civil Schools along with Dr. Tricia Berg present CHAMPS and DSC COMBINED DAY

CHAMPS registration link

November 11, 2020 Please register by October to order books,

CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management for Grades K-8 2nd ed. is a comprehensive and practical book for classroom teachers who want to improve their current classroom management plan. The nine chapters lead teachers through a process of identifying and maintaining the effective aspects of their current management plan while adding and/or strengthening any missing or less-effective aspects. This resource, which is designed to be used by individual teachers or study groups, can help any teacher manage student behavior more positively and effectively.

DSC Discipline in the Secondary Classroom with Dr. Tricia Berg DCS Registration Link

November 11, 2020

Discipline in the Secondary Classroom, Grades 9-12 2nd ed. is an easy-to-use, research-based resource that supplies high school teachers with the step-by-step guidance they need to design an effective behavior management plan. The book describes proactive, positive strategies for curbing misbehavior and increasing student motivation. It includes forms, samples, and evaluation tools to aid in the effort.

Objectives included an overview of CHAMPS/DSC with specific focus on the following:

  1. Level of structure 2. Guidelines Rules 3. Guidelines for Success

4. Correcting rule violations during the first week 5.Establishing corrective consequences for rule violations

6. CHAMPS expectations for activities & transitions 7. Ratio of Positive Interactions 8. Non-contingent attention

9. Positive Feedback 10. Summarize Classroom Management Plan

Introduction to CHAMPS/DSC--Connection between behavior/academic outcomes--Basic Beliefs around Behavior

Heggerty Phonemic Awareness November 30, 4-5:30 This is a 90 minute ZOOM webinar.

Literacy Resources strongly suggests you have a Phonemic Awareness book available during the training. Teachers are welcome to share books. This training is for PreK-1st grade teachers, there is some information that is applicable up through 2nd grade.

Literacy Resources,LLC, is the link to purchasing a book as needed. REGISTER HERE

Introduce your teachers and staff to phonemic awareness and the Heggerty curriculum over a live Zoom webinar. One of our trained literacy specialists will go over the skills included in each lesson of the Heggerty Curriculum and participants will be sent a handout in advance for reference.

  • The what and why of phonemic awareness instruction

  • Gain an understanding of the scope and sequence of 8 Phonological and Phonemic Awareness skills and 2 Early Literacy Skills taught in the daily lessons

  • Observe a modeled lesson and hand motions demonstrated for specific skills

Attendance and Truancy with Self Care December 9

6 hours with Dr. Trisha Berg with Safe and Civil Schools REGISTER HERE

For students to be successful in school, they need to be in school. Nationwide, far too many students are not in school. Missing just two days a month places students at significant increased risk of academic failure, social and behavioral difficulties in school, dropping out, and a host of other negative school and life effects.

Here is the link to the site:

Addressing Poverty and the Brain, Positive Behavioral Interventions, and Trauma Informed Teaching with a Virtual Learning Platform. Facilitated by Dr. Linda Bone January 19-March 16 8 weeks

This online “learning community” will be "Poverty and the Brain" there will be a focus on Poverty and Literacy as well as Family Engagement. This re-certification course will include 8 sessions Winter 2021 semesters and will provide 8 renewal units for Montana Teaching Credentials. Every third session will target specifics of classroom management, an ongoing need described by most teachers and regional assessments. The ZOOM platform will be used to deliver the course.

Winter 2021. The Brain and Poverty 2. The LEAP Model Comes Alive 3. Classroom Management ER: Cortisol is the Culprit 4. Literacy and the Brain 5. Experiential Learning in Rural Settings 6. Classroom Management ER: Instruction and Intervention 7. Attitudes that Affect Student Success 8. The Power of Praise

Rationale Statement: This unique proposal is a response to five critical needs of the Eastern Montana population of teachers and leaders. 1) The need triggered by the Covid-19 Pandemic to address the delivery and availability of virtual and hybrid delivery systems for professional development have become 2) The unique needs of the rural and widespread geographic profile of Eastern Montana educators; 3) Teachers’ request for more fluid and personalized learning; 4) The constantly changing nature of the research on teaching ; and 5) The ongoing need build capacity and sustainability of a learning community in the region.

Must attend all 8 sessions to receive renewal units.

REGISTER HERE MUST register to receive the ZOOM link registering for the first session is all that is needed.


The 2020 Montana Youth Transitions conference is just around the corner! November 16-18, 2020 will bring a VIRTUAL MYTransitions conference with lots of great information for youth with disabilities who are preparing to transition from high school into adulthood, their families, teachers, Vocational Rehabilitation counselors and related service providers.

Stay tuned and watch the MYT website for more information to be posted in July regarding registration information, presentations and ways to participate.

MYT Conference Website: Transitioning from MBI to MTSS 12.11.19 documents

Autism Education Project: FREE Online Autism Training For more information please contact Doug Doty at 406-459-5303 or

CSPD trainings/events are free of charge and offer OPI Renewal units for all trainings.