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I HAVE RECEIVED THIS STATEMENT ' At this time, we are asking administrators to determine essential school support functions and to ask program staff to suspend direct communication to schools if it is deemed a nonessential function."

JUNE INSTITUTE JUNE 8-11 The plan is to reschedule A Wills and D Phillips as soon as we are able.

Please note some sessions are geared for specific grades, but all are welcome to attend any sessions.

Universal Design for Learning with Megan Gross

Universal Design for Learning (UDL): Your GPS for Lesson Planning

Join us for an interactive webinar focused on understanding and applying the principles of universal design for learning to design accessible learning for all of your students! We will use the principles of UDL (engagement, representation, and action/expression) as a road map for developing a lesson with high student engagement, access without the need to differentiate, build students’ self-regulation, and provide students the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways. Participants will be given access to a Google Drive folder of resources and strategies they can use in both a physical and digital classroom.

  • Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is a way of thinking about teaching and learning that helps give all students an equal opportunity to succeed.
  • This approach offers flexibility in the ways students access material, engage with it and show what they know.
  • Developing lesson plans this way helps all kids, but it may be especially helpful for kids with learning and thinking differences.

Monday and Tuesday, June 8 &9 via ZOOM 9-12 each day. MUST attend both days for OPI renewal units -

REGISTER HERE Must register to receive the ZOOM link

The Technology Designed Classroom with Sean Wybrant

Wednesday and Thursday, June 10 and 11, 2020 ZOOM meeting REGISTER HERE Bring a tablet or laptop must register to receive the ZOOM link.

In this session, there will be a variety of experiences ranging from direct instruction to hands on development with technology tools. Interested in how your students might use their phone s for a purpose? Ever wanted to get your kids coding? Looking for some new tools or ways to use some older tools in new ways?

Technology can offer opportunities to expand learners' access to information, can expose learners to new ways of thinking/operating, and can empower learners to create their own new horizons. Information will cover a range of disciplines and topics, and resources will be provided to help educators envision ways the tools covered could be used in their own classrooms.

This training is focused for grades 5-12

August 3/4, 2020 Bal-A-Vis-X Glendive Lincoln Elementary School Gym Register Here This is a two day training, 8-5 daily, bring your own lunch

Bal-A-Vis-X is a series of Balance/Auditory/Vision eXercises, of varied complexity,

all of which are deeply rooted in rhythm.

Safe & Civil Schools with Dr. Tricia Berg September 16 and 17 Sidney Richland Co extension Office

Tackling Attendance Challenges grade 5-12 This training provides teachers with the information they need to build classroom-based initiatives to improve student attendance. Content and resources include data collection techniques, sample lesson plans, a framework for implementation, talking points to use with students and families, real-world examples, and handouts for families. The content is focused on universal strategies to create and sustain a culture of regular attendance. Information related to individual interventions for chronically absent students is also provided. REGISTER HERE

Discipline in the Secondary Classroom (1 or 2 days): Best suited for high school teachers, but may also be appropriate for grades 6-8. "DSC" is the high school equivalent to CHAMPS; it offers the same approach and best practices, though the reading experience may be a bit different. Teachers are guided through the decision-making processes necessary to structure the classroom in a way that reduces the opportunity for misbehavior, teach expectations to students, monitor behavior, build positive relationships, and respond effectively to emergent misbehavior. This content is focused on the universal strategies for all students, leaving the teacher with more time and energy to incorporate individual interventions for specific students unsuccessful in the classroom environment.


Addressing the need for Social Learning, Positive Behavioral Interventions, and Trauma Informed Teaching with a Virtual Learning Platform. Facilitated by Dr. Linda Bone

This online “learning community” will be titled “Addressing the need for Social Emotional Learning, Positive Behavioral interventions, and Trauma Informed Teaching With a Virtual Learning Platform”. This recertification course will include 8 sessions in each of the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 semesters and will provide 16 credits for Montana Teaching Credentials. Every third session will target specifics of classroom management, an ongoing need described by most teachers and regional assessments. The ZOOM platform will be used to deliver the course.

Rationale Statement: This unique proposal is a response to five critical needs of the Eastern Montana population of teachers and leaders. 1) The need triggered by the Covid-19 Pandemic to address the delivery and availability of virtual and hybrid delivery systems for professional development have become 2) The unique needs of the rural and widespread geographic profile of Eastern Montana educators; 3) Teachers’ request for more fluid and personalized learning; 4) The constantly changing nature of the research on teaching ; and 5) The ongoing need build capacity and sustainability of a learning community in the region.

Must attend all 8 sessions each section to receive renewal units. There are two semesters with different topics for each.

the day of the week may change as per participant needs.

REGISTER HERE MUST register to receive the ZOOM link

Transitioning from MBI to MTSS 12.11.19 documents

Autism Education Project:

FREE Online Autism Training For more information please contact Doug Doty at 406-459-5303 or

CSPD trainings/events are free of charge and offer OPI Renewal units for all trainings.