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I have received word from OPI that all face to face trainings are suspended until further notice. I am working to bring Virtual trainings to you this fall and winter. Please check back to see what is being offered virtually via ZOOM.

During this time of Virtual Training please note that CSPD trainings are free, if you reside outside the state of Montana books and supplies cannot be furnished. We will provide you with a resource list as the grant we operate under is specific to Montana educators.

If you register and are unable to fulfill your commitment please cancel via Eventbrite or email to let me know as many sessions have a limited number of seats available.

Thank you for your understanding and dedication.

DYSLEXIA with Dr. Matt Burns Jan. 22 & 29 9am-12pm

Jan 29-Session II – Dyslexia: What do we do for intervention?

The second session will discuss the Montana Dyslexia Screening and Intervention Act, and how it compares to current research in reading and instruction. The session will discuss how to determine the specific needs of each student and to use those data to implement best practices within a multitiered system of support. We will suggest specific research-based interventions for several types of reading difficulties and how to best intensify interventions.

6 hours of attendance and OPI renewal units

Dr. Matthew K. Burns is a Professor of Special Education at the University of Missouri, and Director of the Center for Collaborative Solutions for Kids, Practice, and Policy. He has published over 200 articles and book chapters in national publications, and has co-authored or co-edited 12 books. He is also a Past Editor of School Psychology Review and Assessment for Effective Intervention. Dr. Burns is one of the leading researchers regarding the use of assessment data to determine individual or small-group interventions, and has published extensively on response to intervention, academic interventions, identifying learning disabilities, and facilitating problem-solving teams. In addition Dr. Burns was also a practicing school psychologist and special education administrator before becoming an academic, and served on the faculty of the University of Minnesota for 10 years and Central Michigan University for 5 years. He received the 2020 Senior Scientist Award from Division 16 (School Psychology) of the American Psychological Association.

Addressing Poverty and the Brain, Positive Behavioral Interventions, and Trauma Informed Teaching with a Virtual Learning Platform. Facilitated by Dr. Linda Bone January 19-March 16 8 weeks

This online “learning community” will be "Poverty and the Brain" there will be a focus on Poverty and Literacy as well as Family Engagement. This re-certification course will include 8 sessions Winter 2021 semesters and will provide 8 renewal units for Montana Teaching Credentials. Every third session will target specifics of classroom management, an ongoing need described by most teachers and regional assessments. The ZOOM platform will be used to deliver the course.

Winter 2021 1.The Brain and Poverty 2. The LEAP Model Comes Alive 3. Classroom Management ER: Cortisol is the Culprit 4. Literacy and the Brain 5. Experiential Learning in Rural Settings 6. Classroom Management ER: Instruction and Intervention 7. Attitudes that Affect Student Success 8. The Power of Praise

Rationale Statement: This unique proposal is a response to five critical needs of the Eastern Montana population of teachers and leaders. 1) The need triggered by the Covid-19 Pandemic to address the delivery and availability of virtual and hybrid delivery systems for professional development have become 2) The unique needs of the rural and widespread geographic profile of Eastern Montana educators; 3) Teachers’ request for more fluid and personalized learning; 4) The constantly changing nature of the research on teaching ; and 5) The ongoing need build capacity and sustainability of a learning community in the region.

Must attend all 8 sessions to receive renewal units.


Preschool Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Early Learning with

Dr. Maggie Schulze from University of Washington Register here

Feb 12&19 8:30-11:30 6 hours or attendance and OPI renewal units offered

This two-part training will cover the why and what of the Pyramid Model, a conceptual framework of evidence-based practices to promote positive behavior in early learning settings. Tier 1, which includes universal supports for all young children in the form of high-quality environments and nurturing relationships, will be described. Concrete examples that can be taken and applied to local contexts will be presented. Tier 2 (Targeted Social Emotional Supports) and Tier 3 (Intensive Supports) which are systems to support students with a higher level of behavioral need will be outlined. Strategies for incorporating family voice and participation, a critical piece of early learning collaboration, will also be discussed.

ALERT training with John P. LeTellier and Lora Griffin REGISTER HERE

March 4 and 5 full days and there is an option for 1 college credit through UMWestern-More information coming!

ALERT Learning -Accelerate Learning: dive deeper into the Four Laws of Learning and carry away a treasure of strategies to accelerate learning and boost retention and recall for each learner.

Build Capacity: Unlock motivation and achievement capacity for all. Start small and build, create a culture that builds confidence, social emotional competence and personal responsibility.

Improve Energy: Energy, not time, is a teacher's most valuable resource. Discover how neuroscience has unlocked the secrets of maintaining a higher quality and quantity of energy.

S'Cool Moves with Deb Wilson, founder

March 5, Friday, 9-11:30am Resources & materials will be sent to participants following the training upon receiving evaluations. REGISTER HERE

Intended Audience: Administrators, K-5 elementary teachers, special education teachers, therapists, specialists, reading teachers, parents, and middle school teachers working with children with special needs.

Targeted Intervention That Works In Classrooms For Busy Teachers And Support Staff Online Blended Course (OBC)

Evidence-based Course Highlights:

Use the Dynamic 5 Systems Neurodevelopmental Approach to support learners with a variety of focus and learning needs.

*Integrate 10 Minute Moves routines into daily schedule. *Learn 20 Focus Moves poster activities for small groups. *Expand interventions within a tiered framework *Improve collaboration by using activities across multidisciplinary teams. What can we all agree on?

Autism Education Project: FREE Online Autism Training For more information please contact Doug Doty at 406-459-5303 or

CSPD trainings/events are free of charge and offer OPI Renewal units for all trainings.