Systems Biology of Molecular and Cellular Networks

We investigate various biological regulatory networks by deterministic and/or stochastic simulations and study the systems properties with different tools of dynamical systems theory. We also work on theoretical ideas related to simulation methods and game-like interactions and their role in network dynamics.

The main research line focuses on the regulation of cell growth and proliferation, especially dealing with cell cycle regulation and its connection to the circadian clock and spatial control of cell growth.

We use tools and methods of computational systems biology

Mathematical Modelling Data Analysis Network Analysis Computational Simulations

Furthermore we recently started an experimental lab in Budapest to investigate cell-cell interactions in yeast colonies and use the results of this approach in combination with theoretical ideas to design and synthetically establish multicellular computing colonies.

Research projects

Molecular regulatory networks

Cell size regulation in budding yeast cells, with Marti Aldea (Spain), students involved: Kirsten Jenkins

Regulation of mitotic exit at the spindle poles, with Peter Thorpe (Crick), student involved : Rowan Howell

Cell polarity in fission yeast, with Rafael Carazo-Salas (Bristol)

Circadian clock - cell cycle coupling, with Christian I. Hong (USA), student involved: Zsófia Bujtár

Prediction of protein complexes, with Simone Rizzetto (Australia), student involved: Bence Keömley-Horváth, Rita Kiss

Biological switches and clocks, biocomputing with Luca Cardelli (Oxford), student involved: Rosa Hernansaiz Ballesteros, Gregory Szep

Protein aggregation, with Paola Picotti (Switzerland) and Duccio Cavalieri (Italy), student involved: Kirsten Jenkins

Cellular regulatory networks

Cell-cell interactions and biological computation in yeast colonies, with Irene Stefanini (Warwick) and Sándor Pongor (Budapest), students involved: Tünde Gaizer, Bence Makove, Nóra Molnár, Emese Nagy, Donát Pesti, Bíborka Pillér.