Csikász-Nagy Lab

Systems Biology of Molecular and Cellular Networks


New papers out:

Melnik, A., Cappelletti, V., Vaggi, F., Piazza, I., Tognetti, M., Schwarz, C., Cereghetti, G., Ahmed, M.A., Soste, M., Matlack, K., de Souza, N., Csikász-Nagy, A., Picotti, P. (2020). Comparative analysis of the intracellular responses to disease-related aggregation-prone proteins. Journal of Proteomics, 103862. Link

Yang, G., Csikász-Nagy, A., Waites, W., Xiao, G., & Cavaliere, M. (2020). information cascades and the collapse of cooperation. Scientific Reports, 10(1), 1-13. Link

Jenkins, K., Mateeva, T., Szabó, I., Melnik, A., Picotti, P., Csikász-Nagy, A., & Rosta, E. (2020). Combining data integration and molecular dynamics for target identification in∝-synuclein-aggregating neurodegenerative diseases: Structural insights on Synaptojanin-1. Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, 18, 1032-1042 Link

Cardelli, L., Laurenti, L., & Csikasz-Nagy, A. (2020). Coupled membrane transporters reduce noise. Physical Review E, 101(1), 012414. Link