Csikász-Nagy Lab

Computational Systems Biology of Molecular and Cellular Networks


Two articles out on the same week, plus a third one two weeks ago:

  • Hernansaiz-Ballesteros, RD., Cardelli, L., Csikász-Nagy, A. (2018) Single molecules can operate as primitive biological sensors, switches and oscillators BMC Systems Biology 12:70 LINK
  • Laurenti, L., Csikász-Nagy, A., Kwiatkowska, M., Cardelli, L. (2018) Molecular Filters for Noise Reduction Biophysical Journal 114: 12, 3000 – 3011 LINK
  • Dalchau, N., Szép, G., Hernansaiz-Ballesteros, R., Barnes, C.P., Cardelli, L., Phillips, A., Csikász-Nagy A. (2018) Computing with biological switches and clocks Nat Comput. . LINK

Zoltán Dul and Rosa D. Hernansaiz-Ballesteros both submitted their PhD theses. Both vivas are scheduled for June 2018.