Csikász-Nagy Lab

Systems Biology of Molecular and Cellular Networks


Congratulations to Rowan Howell for defending his PhD at King's College London and starting a postdoc position in the Fisher lab at UCL!

Also congrats to Rowan for his published paper in PLOS Biology:

Howell, R. S., Klemm, C., Thorpe, P. H., & Csikasz-Nagy, A. (2020). Unifying the mechanism of mitotic exit control in a spatio-temporal logical model. PLoS Biology, 18(11): e3000917.

Congrats to Gregg for his paper appearing in Nature Communications:

Grant, P. K., Szep, G., Patange, O., Halatek, J., Coppard, V., Csikász-Nagy, A., Haseloff, J., Locke, JCW., Dalchau, N. & Phillips, A. (2020). Interpretation of morphogen gradients by a synthetic bistable circuit. Nature Communications, 11(1), 1-8.

Congratulations to Zsófia Bujtár and Helga Szakadáti for winning first prizes on the faculty student competitions at Pázmány FITB and to Fruzsina Dvorzsák for a second and Marcell Marton for a third prize!