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PASS 2 Cracking the Coding Interview Crash Course

PASS2 has been running a series of presentations breaking down the famous book "Cracking the Coding Interview" to help students get through their technical interview for their summer internships and placements. You can find some HackerRank challenges below designed at helping students prepare for their interviews:

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PASS2 Coordinators.


4th Year BSc Computer Science student back from a J.P. Morgan placement. Feel free to get in touch.


5th Year MEng student back from industrial year at Credit Suisse and as a contractor for the summer. Likes to have a pint, chat, and long walks on the beach, will have a conversation with you whether you like it or not.


4th year BSc Computer Science student back from placement at Amazon and Google. Hackathon enthusiast, white chocolate > dark chocolate. Accepts briberies in shape of Oreos.


Clap guy, THE famous Kilburn presenter and specialist on fun-time with Seb in PASS. 3rd year Computer Science student.


4th year Computer Science student back from industrial placement


4th year Computer Science student back from a year in industry at DigitalBridge.