YouTube Dark Mode

By default, we use the "classic dark mode". If this theme works incorrectly, please try to another dark theme.

We also give you online YouTube Theme creator to design YouTube theme as you want.

Try YOUTUBE VIDEO EFFECTS (for Chrome, for Firefox) - Bring many beautiful video effects/filters to YouTube Player, audio enhancement, the dark theme, infinity mode (player fits to windows view size), remove black bars around video, HD selection, Picture in Picture etc. These features will help you improve YouTube experience. Hope you enjoy it 👍🏼

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Try racing game - game extension for Chrome.


We don't collect any your personal datas.

We don't access or use cookie on websites.

We only change some elements of the sites to make it dark. This modification will be informed when you install this extension "read or change the data on site you visited".

What's new?

version allow you custom JS plugins from trusted source.

version add custom theme. You can create your own YouTube theme by our online Youtube theme creator .

version fix bug on the "classic dark mode" theme - the context menu of video player didn't appear.

version improve dark themes for suggestion on search box and dropdown menu.

version customize scrollbar of YouTube, allow remove banner ads on YouTube.

version 2.0: add multiple dark themes.

version 1.3: remove black bars around video by Alt- and Alt+

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YouTube Dark Mode Pro + YouTube Dark Mode 2

To turn on/off YouTube Dark Mode Pro or YouTube Dark Mode 2, you need to:

  • Open YouTube:
  • Click on icon extension to turn on/off the dark mode. You have to make sure that there are no any other dark mode extensions are activated for YouTube, because they can make conflict.

Note: if you open YouTube before installing this extension, please reload YouTube to get the Dark Mode.

Download YouTube Dark Mode Pro: for Chrome | for Firefox

Download YouTube Dark Mode 2: for Chrome | for Firefox

What is difference between YouTube Dark Mode Pro vs YouTube Dark Mode 2? YouTube Dark Mode Pro has background is more black than YouTube Dark Mode 2. YouTube Dark Mode 2 has less contrast than YouTube Dark Mode Pro.

You can see the difference below: (Left - YouTube Dark Mode Pro, Right - YouTube Dark Mode 2)