What's news in update!

Version 3: you can customize color schemes of "Modern Dark Theme"

You should use the Modern Dark Theme (Switch to this theme in OPTION PAGE)

Please send us broken site list !

Try YOUTUBE VIDEO EFFECTS (for Chrome, for Firefox) - Bring many beautiful video effects/filters to YouTube Player, audio enhancement, the dark theme, infinity mode (player fits to windows view size), remove black bars around video, HD selection, Picture in Picture etc. These features will help you improve YouTube experience. Hope you enjoy it 👍🏼

The BEST Emoji keyboard 2018 for Chrome: MULTIPLE emoji styles - Apple, Google, EmojiOne, Facebook etc. in the emoji keyboard extension !

Try racing game - game extension for Chrome.

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The www is very rich and diverse. Website can be designed by standards or not. So, it is impossible to develop the dark mode works on all sites.

We tested this dark mode on popular website and it worked well. If this dark mode doesn't work well on your visited site, please use the "whitelist" to disable this dark mode on that site (Right click on site, choose "Disable Super Dark Mode for this site") and could you please don't forget to send us the broken site domain to make a new update.

We updated this super dark mode frequently because sites are also updated frequently. We recommend you should use the latest version.

If you see our extension is really helpful, please put HIGH RATING for us :)

SDM for Chrome | SDM for Firefox

Thank you so much for your cooperation!


  • We don't collect any your personal datas.
  • We don't access or use cookie on websites.
  • We only change some elements of the sites to make it dark. This modification will be informed when you install this extension "read or change the data on site you visited".

What are they talking about us?

Chip.de: Die Chrome-Erweiterung "Super Dark Mode" verpasst Ihrem Browser ein dunkles Erscheinungsbild und schwärzt sogar ganze Webseiten ab.

Macworld.co.uk: Super Dark Mode is an extension for Chrome which will attempt to switch on a website dark mode, if the option exists. This dark mode will force a black background. Luckily quite a few commercial websites do include a dark mode, such as YouTube and Facebook. On regular websites, it will attempt to switch the background to black and make as many options as possible fit within the darker mode.

Softpedia.com: Super Dark Mode is a welcome browser addon designed to make surfing the Internet less damaging to your eyes, especially at nighttime, when the light of your screen is too bright.

Trishtech.com: Super Dark Mode extension for web browsers can make the websites look darker and make them more appealing at night time. This can also make websites put less strain on the eyes when you are reading articles at the night time.

Guidami.info: A parte le questioni a livello estetico circa la preferenza di tonalità scure rispetto a quelle chiare, il tema scuro può tornare utile anche da un punto di vista di prevenzione dell'irritazione degli occhi durante la navigazione in ore o ambienti bui, che in tali circostanze si trova maggiormente sotto sforzo con gradazioni più chiare.

And many other technologies website: wn.com, zdnet.com, cnet.com, omghackers.com, zoechling.org etc.

Turn on/off the dark mode

Disable/Re-enable specific site from the dark mode: Right click on site > Exclude/Include SDM

Enable dark mode for popular sites or all sites

You will see the option panel, in which:

Section 1: Enable specialized Dark Mode for some sites. This specialized Dark Mode is better than default Dark Mode (Section 2).

Section 2: Enable Dark Mode for all site: Classic dark theme and Modern dark theme. Only modern dark theme supports colors customization.

Section 3: Low contrast/brightness for ALL site: reduce brightness to better for your eyes.

Section 4: Whitelist - sites list of excluded from Super dark mode.

Section 5: Global CSS - custom your own CSS to be injected to all sites.

Enable Dark Mode only for YouTube or specific site

  1. If site is listed in specialised list (Section 1), you can uncheck all options (in Section 1 and Section 2), and check on the site in specialised list. For example, just enable Dark Mode for YouTube. You only check on "Dark Mode for YouTube".
  2. If site is not listed in specialised list (Section 1), you can use the whitelist.

CSS update for Super Dark Mode

Just Copy below code and Paste to the "Custom Global CSS" in Options page (updated 15/12/2018).