Equipment Rental


Introducing: The Aitchison Drill

Now available to rent in the CT River Watershed! Reseed your hilly pasture or hay field with this small, light no-till drill. See rental rates below.

Haybuster 107 C, No-till drill

10'5" wide, 6'2" high

Esch 5512, No-till drill

12' seeding width, 8'10" transport width, 7' high

Rent Our No-Till Drill!

Are you interested in renting either the Aitchison, Haybuster 107c, or Esch 5512 no-till drill?

Please review the information below and contact our equipment manager, Steve Stocking at (802) 333-4840 or

Rental Rate

CRWFA Member Rate

>10 acres: $8/acre

<10 acres: $12/acre

Non-Member Rate

>10 acres: $11/acre

<10 acres: $15/acre

You must have this information ready before renting equipment:


  • Certificate of insurance

  • FSA map of the fields where you will be seeding


  • Recommended Lb per acre seeding rate

  • Recommended seed depth

  • The hp of the tractor that you will be using (it must be greater than 75hp)

Equipment Rental Library

CRWFA Equipment Rental Flyer.pdf

No-Till Drill User Guide

7.23.2020_drill calibration_haybuster_.pdf