Board of Directors

Paul Doton

Board Chair

Linda Corse 


Bill Emmons

Vice Chair

Beth Kennett


Paul's Bio

Paul Doton operates Doton Farm LLC in Barnard, Vermont, along with his wife and son, Sherry and Bryan. The farm has been in the Doton family since 1949. They milk 65-70 cows and also grow some vegetables and produce maple syrup. The farm is in the Ottauquechee River watershed, with a portion of the land falling within the White River watershed. Paul is currently the Chairman of the CRWFA, Secretary of the Agri-Mark Board of Directors, and on the Executive Committee of the New England Dairy Promotion Board. He is a past member of the Windsor/Orange County FSA Committee and the Yankee Farm Credit Board. In his home town, Paul serves as a Justice of the Peace and the Town Moderator. 

Linda's Bio

Linda Corse, her husband, Leon and daughter, Abbie, own and operate The Corse Farm Dairy LLC in Whitingham, VT, supported by their herdsman, MacKenzie Wallace. Linda’s roles on the farm include bookkeeper, youngstock manager and afternoon milker. The farm has been in Leon’s family since 1868. It is an organic dairy, with a 54 cow herd of mostly black and white Holsteins, along with a variety of crosses. Our herd is becoming mostly polled. Their farm is at 2000′ elevation in the Green Mountains in the Deerfield River and subsequently the Connecticut River Watershed. Linda is the treasurer of CRWFA, President of the Vermont Association of Conservation Districts (VACD), and Chair of Windham County Natural Resources Conservation District. She is also Meme (grandmother) to Grey, Eli & Niko (Abbie & Dave parents); Ella, Lina & Mia (Caleb & Lindsay parents) and Lily & Ezra (Henry & Allie) who live off  the farm and give us an excuse to travel.

Bill's Bio

Bill Emmons and his family manage Cloudland Farm in Pomfret, Vermont. A hill farm with a rich history, Cloudland is a Century Farm with Angus beef cattle, pigs, pastured poultry and turkeys all sold on farm and through the farms restaurant. Bill grew up at Cloudland and along with his wife, Cathy, manage several other farms in the area for their hay and grazing operation. Bill’s interests include local and regional planning, the VT Beef Producers’ Association and managing his farm to improve water quality, animal health and community awareness of Vermont’s agricultural heritage. 

Beth's Bio

Beth owns Liberty Hill Farm in Rochester along with her husband, Bob Kennett, son, David Kennett and his family. Their farm is a member of the Agrimark/Cabot Creamery Cooperative, milking 120 head of Registered Holstein cows. They farm over 250 acres, producing most of their own feed, and sell breeding stock to other farms throughout the Northeast. Beth has hosted guests at Liberty Hill Farm since 1984, providing lodging and meals to families from across the country and around the world. Liberty Hill Farm was Vermont’s 1st certified GREEN agritourism enterprise, achieving certification with VT SBDC Environmental Business Stewardship program and VT Green Hotel designation. Liberty Hill Farm is a member of the VT Fresh Network, serving food from local farms, as well as their own farm produce. Beth was a founding member of the White River Partnership and has served in various roles on local, regional, and national organizations. Her primary focus is to share farm life with others, providing an opportunity for people of all ages to learn about dairy and agriculture in New England. 

Jeff McNamara

Board Member

Cindy Westover

Board Member

Steve Stocking 

Board Member

Steve Taylor

Board Member

Jeff's Bio

Cindy's Bio

Cindy Westover grew up in Walpole, NH, on her family farm in Walpole, which was established in 1761.  Her brother, Peter, runs the farm now (9th generation) and her home is on the farm land.  Cindy is the owner of Galloway Real Estate.  Her husband and son run the Great Brook Farm sugarhouse and made 700 gallons of syrup last year.   When the farm was still a dairy (they gave in to low milk prices 5 years ago) Cindy managed the farm store and bottled raw milk daily.  Peter now leases out his loose housing barn to a farm which has purebred beef cattle from Nov 1-April 1 and the milk house is leased out to a butter maker.  Peter still makes a lot of square and round bales and some silage corn that he sells.

Steve's Bio

Steve and his wife, Arline, operate Birch Meadow Farm in Fairlee, VT. The farm has evolved from a dairy operation to a mostly crop farm, growing 75 acres of silage corn. They implement Best Management Practices such as No-Till and cover cropping on their annual cropland. The farm has been conserved for many years and borders the Connecticut River for over half a mile. 

Steve's Bio

Steve Taylor of Meriden, N.H., has been a newspaperman, farmer and longtime public official. With his family he founded and operated a farm enterprise that included a now-closed 85-cow dairy and 7,500 tap maple operation. Taylor Farm continues to raise replacement heifers for other farms. Taylor has been a newspaper reporter and editor and later served 25 years as New Hampshire's commissioner of agriculture. He writes and speaks frequently on rural life and agricultural topics, and serves on several not-for-profit boards.

Guy Crosby 

Board Member

Walter Gladstone 

Board Member

Mike Dolloff

Board member

Ed MacGlaflin

Board Member

Guy's Bio

Guy Crosby has lived at Clay Hill Farm in Hartland, Vermont since 1985. Living in a historical 1768 farmhouse, Guy’s family includes four children and five grandchildren. He has been renovating the farm to include a herd of over 80 Angus beef cattle, as well as pasture raised pigs. Utilizing pasture and crop rotation and cover cropping, Guy endeavors to increase productivity of the 160 acres of crop land. 

Walt's Bio

Walt and Margaret own and operate Newmont Farm, LLC in Bradford VT with their oldest son Will who is a partner. The farm sits in the beautiful Connecticut River Valley and Newmont Farm crops both in Vermont and New Hampshire. Walt and Margaret have three sons, Will, John, and Matt.  Will, graduated from Vermont Tech and is an integral partner of Newmont Farm, LLC. Will is married to Brooke and they have three daughters. John, middle son, graduated from Vermont Tech and has his own trucking business. Matt, the youngest, graduated from Cobleskill and is currently employed at Newmont Farm and is overseeing all cropping operations and equipment maintenance. Newmont Farm, LLC currently is milking 1,350  cows and raises approximately the same number of young stock. Crops grown are corn and alfalfa mixed grasses on 2,000 acres for roughage for the dairy. Gladstone also grows over 175 acres of pumpkins and winter squash that are wholesaled locally and across New England. Walt and Margaret have become active breeders in the Morgan horse industry, breeding high quality Morgans to serve local and national markets. 

Mike's Bio

Mike Dolloff owns and operates a Dairy Farm in Springfield Vermont with his wife Heidi. They have 160 head of registered Holstein cattle and crop 275 acres, 50 acres being corn and the remainder hay. Mike has always been a strong believer in cover crops and crop rotation. He was honored to be awarded the 2014 Vermont Dairy Farm of the year. 

Ed's Bio