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Scope of the Project

The consortium will collect and make publicly available up-to-date information on all political crowds reported in the United States, including marches, protests, strikes, and other actions.

The CCC is collecting this data in the public interest and to further scholarly research. Anyone who wishes to conduct research using the data is fully responsible for any necessary contact with their own Institutional Review Boards.

Any citations of CCC data should include a citation to the “Crowd Counting Consortium.”

Erica Chenoweth and Jeremy Pressman are the co-directors of the CCC.

Consortium Volunteers

This volunteer opportunity is open to faculty, graduate students, or supervised research assistants who are known to the CCC co-directors. Once the CCC is underway, we may expand those eligible to volunteer.

Volunteers will watch for and tally crowds in the United States for two weeks at a time. It's suggested that volunteers only sign up for weeks that they are available to devote significant time to data collection. The volunteers agree to the CCC inclusion and tally parameters, as well as confidentiality parameters. Volunteers may be asked to participate in a brief training exercise such as a webinar in order to harmonize coding procedures.

Each volunteer group is responsible for tallying any relevant crowds during their two-week time period, handling media inquiries about the data they collecting during after collection, and finalizing and reporting the data as soon as possible.

One or two scholars will be asked to act as team coordinators for each two-week period. These coordinators, who will also be volunteers, will field media inquiries related to the data collected in their two-week period.

The CCC effort is volunteer-only. The co-directors, team coordinators, and other volunteers will not be paid, although they may use their own resources to pay for research assistants to help with data collection.

The CCC will keep a list of all consortium members who have contributed effort up to current time at the project website.

Data Access and Management

Volunteers have edit access to the google sheet / google form data while they enter data. When they have completed their work, their access to the google sheet will return to view-only, and they will not have access to the google form data.

At no time will any member of the consortium share personally-identifying information submitted via the google form that is not otherwise available in the public domain.

After a new spreadsheet is complete and up-to-date, the excel file will be posted for public use. Each spreadsheet will generally cover a two-week time period. However, major crowds or protests that include many locations (e.g. the Women’s March of January 21, 2017) may have their own spreadsheets.

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