Counting Crowds

Blog of the Crowd Counting Consortium

Our blog is maintained by Jay Ulfelder. From our inaugural post:

With this blog, we aim to do three things.

  • First, we hope to provide insight into trends in contentious politics in the contemporary U.S. through data visualizations and short write-ups on things we discover as we generate and explore the data ourselves.

  • Second, we hope to familiarize a wider audience with CCC’s data and the ways it can be used in scholarly research and data journalism. If you think our posts are insightful, please share them with your colleagues and friends.

  • Finally, by sharing the code we use to explore and analyze the data and to generate visualizations, we hope to make it easier for other scholars and journalists to use CCC data and follow through on their own ideas.

So, that’s where we’re going. No formal schedule, no paywall—just a desire to squeeze more value out of this tremendous resource, which we think we’ve only begun to tap.