The Author

Rachel Fox

Born and brought up in the North of England, I have lived in North East Scotland since 2002. I have worked in journalism, education, mental health and learning support, foster care, market research, shops, and as a radio/nightclub DJ, but not necessarily in that order.

I started concentrating on poetry in the late 1990s, first published poems as postcards, then in a book 'More about the song' (2008) and, most recently, in a pamphlet called 'Turn' (2017). All details on the 'Books' and 'Postcards' pages.

I read poems regularly at the folk club in Montrose from about 2007-2018 and have had poems published in various places including 'The Poetry Bus', 'The Scotsman', 'Gutter', 'The Herald', 'Pushing out the Boat' and a HappenStance Press anthology. I have also organised poetry and music events in Montrose and Edinburgh but nothing very recent. I'm not really called Rachel.

Photo of Rachel Fox's shadow on a beach