Reviews for 'More about the song' (2008)

“'More about the song' is about all types of subjects, but in general it’s about modern life. So there are poems here about not wanting to hear Radiohead, waving at cars, leaving work, and weddings. It’s frequently clever, and frequently amusing. This is Rachel Fox’s first collection, though she’s previously sold some very appealing postcards with her poetry on them – if you can find it, the postcard with ‘Pluses and Minuses’ on it is highly recommended........ Very enjoyable, and very recommended.”

Keir Hind 'The Skinny'

“Without doubt it is the most enjoyable new collection I've read this year... it is also one of the few collections that name-checks Donny Osmond, Simon Cowell, Robert Plant, the Eels, Nina Simone, Bjork, Radiohead, George Bush, MySpace and PR consultants in one volume in a fashion that is totally natural, unforced and unpretentious.”

Charles Christian

“Having read the collection right through I'm convinced that Rachel Fox doesn't live on the east coast of Scotland but has smuggled herself into my house through her book. So strong is the personality and voice in these poems that reading them is like having her recite them to you in person.

Quite often while reading the poems I imagined that they were written by Emily Dickinson had she lived in the 21st century: musically they are very similar and also in their quirkiness, humour and use of puns.”

Marion McCready

“...('More about the song') shows the length and breadth and depth of an emerging talent. There are some good poems here and a few surprises especially in the depths to some of the 'funny poems'... For my money, however, the collection would almost be worth buying for 'She's not there', a poem about the artist Joan Eardley's 1943 self portrait. This is a stoater of a poem.”

Jim Murdoch