Gospel (UP)

Jesus changes everything. It is His life, death, resurrection,

and ascension that stands at the center of everything we do.


Community (IN)

God is forming a family for himself.

The Gospel brings us into a new community gathered around Jesus.


Mission (OUT)

Jesus gives us a new purpose. He calls us to reorient our lives around His purpose

of making disciples by displaying and declaring the Gospel of grace.

Our Culture


Followers of Christ are best described as becoming disciples who listen to what the Father is saying, do what the Father is doing, and teach others to do the same.


We believe that Christ gave gifts to the church to equip people to accomplish his work as a means of spiritual growth and maturity.


We value first our relationship to the Father, next our relationships to those around us and then our relationships into our community. In this culture, we seek to create a safe place to grow and to minister.

Compassion and Mission

Our model is Jesus Himself, who lived in perfect communion with the Father, His followers, and reached those in His community, who needed the compassion, love and healing of the Father.

Freedom and Joy

We value the joy that effects people’s lives when they are delivered of anything in their lives that makes them feel like captives or prisoners.