Advancement and Levels

On the Cub Scout advancement trail, a boy progresses from rank to rank, learning new skills as he goes. As they go, the requirements get more challenging to match their new skills and abilities.

Cub Scout advancement includes a wide range of group and individual activities boys enjoy. More importantly, the activities are carefully selected to encourage moral, physical, and intellectual development.


Cubs do fun things with other kids! They get to wear a cool uniform, visit interesting places, and see new things. They play all kinds of sports and build stuff like racecars and bird houses.


· Lion Cub - Kindergarten

· Bobcat (First rank for all levels Tiger and above)

· Tiger - 1st Grade

· Wolf - 2nd Grade

· Bear - 3rd Grade

· Webelos - 4th and 5th Grade

· Arrow of Light


The Lion Cub program has exciting indoor and outdoor activities specifically designed for kindergarten age boys and their adult partner. Adult partners (guardians) are there to support and guide, allowing the new Cub Scout to discover risks and rewards under the security of adult supervision.

Lion Cubs learn by doing. As he learns and grows, the relationship with their adult partner (guardian) grows as well. At the conclusion of their kindergarten year, the Lion Cub will transition to Tiger Cubs where he'll earn the Bobcat badge and continue on to even more exciting and educational adventures through Cub Scouting.


No matter what age or grade a boy joins Cub Scouting, he must earn his Bobcat badge before he can advance to the rank of Tiger, Wolf, Bear, Webelos, or Arrow of Light. A boy must complete the Bobcat requirements, which include:

· Learn and say the Cub Scout motto, the Scout Oath, and the Scout Law and tell what they mean

· Show the Cub Scout sign, salute, and handshake and tell what they mean

· With a parent or guardian, complete the exercises in the pamphlet "How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parent's Guide"

When a boy has completed the requirements, he's earned the Bobcat badge.

TIGER - 1ST GRADE: The Tiger rank is for boys who are in first grade or age seven. To earn the Tiger badge, a boy must complete six required adventures with his den or family and one elective adventure of his den or family's choosing.

WOLF - 2ND GRADE: The Wolf rank is for boys who have finished first grade or eight years old. To earn the Wolf badge, a boy must complete six required adventures and one elective adventure.

BEAR - 3RD GRADE: The Bear rank is for boys who have finished second grade or are nine years old. To earn the Bear badge, a boy must complete six required adventures and one elective adventure.

WEBELOS - 4TH AND 5TH GRADE: Webelos dens are for boys who have completed third grade or are ten years old. Webelos Scouts get to work on the five required Webelos adventures and choose two of the 18 elective adventures that are shared by the Webelos and Arrow of Light ranks

ARROW OF LIGHT: The highest rank in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light, preparing a Webelos Scout to become a Boy Scout. Scouts must complete four required adventures and three elective adventures to earn the Arrow of Light rank

After a boy has earned the The Arrow of Light badge he's ready to join a Boy Scout Troop! The Arrow of Light is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Boy Scout uniform. Adult leaders who earned the Arrow of Light rank may also show their achievement by wearing a special square knot on their uniform.