Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics Association

Welcome to the website of the Canadian Resource and Environmental Economics Association (CREEA); en Francais, Association canadienne d’économie des ressources naturelles et de l’environnement (ACERE).

Here you will find information on upcoming and past annual meetings and workshops, as well as membership and other information about the Association.

The objective of CREEA | ACERE is to provide a forum for researchers and policy analysts in resource and environmental economics to share ideas, questions and research findings. This is achieved primarily by way of an annual conference, usually held on a weekend in late September or early October each year.

CREEA | ACERE also organizes a small number of sessions at the annual Canadian Economics Association meetings, usually held in early June.

Association Updates

The Call for Papers for the 2020 Annual Meeting is open; submission deadline is August 15, 2020. For more details, go to the Annual Conference page.

Nominations for Association Fellows are open; deadline is August 31, 2020. For more details, please go to the Awards page.