Research Group in Welfare Economics

About us

The Research Group in Welfare Economics (CREB) is part of the University of Barcelona. All CREB researchers are affiliated with the BEAT Institute and the UB School of Economics.

CREB’s primary objective is to conduct research on economic policies that promote well-being. Some examples of current debates in which we have made important contributions include the economics of pandemics, determinants of aggregate productivity, gender gaps in entrepreneurship, optimal design of rating systems, and the impact of news aggregators on news outlets.

By combining their expertise and resources, the CREB research group has been able to produce cutting-edge research that sheds light on important economic issues and contributes to the development of policies that promote welfare and well-being.

We organize several activities. CREB actively participates in the seminar series of the Economic Theory section of the Department of Economics at Universitat de Barcelona. Moreover, we organize two Internal Seminars in Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, where the members of the group present their work in progress. Since 2022 we organize annually the UB Macroeconomics Workshop and the UB Microeconomics Workshop. You can find info on the first editions here and here.





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