Creative Spiritual Direction

The deepest matters of hearts sometimes cannot be expressed through words but they could be expressed through music, movements, drawings or other creative means. 

God is a creative God.  We are created in God’s image and we inherit the creativities from our Maker. Through movements, music, colors and pictures, we could also understand ourselves better and would be able to experience God in new  different dimensions. The using of art in spiritual direction has become more and more common where the directees would have the freedom to express themselves as a creative spiritual being. 

Spiritual Direction Format

The format of the spiritual direction might vary, depending on the needs of the directees. 

The common format includes some scripture meditation with a short opening prayer and a closing prayer at the end. 

Creative spiritual direction events and classes are offered for both individual and group settings. 

The individual and group session is about 60 minutes-long   

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