Closed Captioning For Google Drive

Google Drive offers a great solution for hosting accessible video content. It doesn't matter where the video content was created, it can be downloaded to Drive and captions added there. This is a great solution in environments where YouTube is blocked and when using different video creation platforms that do not offer a captioning solution.

You must have a transcript to upload to Google Drive. There are several options for creating a transcript.

  1. Create and use a transcript when making your video.
  2. Use Voice Typing in Google Docs/Split Screen to generate a transcript and then edit.
  3. Use Caption Creator for Google Drive to transcribe your Google Drive Video.

How to Upload Caption Transcript to Google Drive

  1. Locate Video in your Google Drive (you must be the owner of video)
  2. Right Click on Video
  3. Choose Manage Caption Tracks
  4. Choose Language of Captions & Upload Caption File in .txt file format
  5. Wait for the captions to auto-sync. This will take longer depending on the length of your video.
  6. Enjoy Closed Captioned Video!