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Thank you for choosing to be the change you want to see! We hope you will find the process described here valuable, meaningful, and impactful.

Communities+Libraries (C+L) begins with the premise that each community has the potential to thrive and further, that libraries have a responsibility to facilitate realizing that potential with the community. C+L brings together strands from community engagement, sustainability, regenerative development, social justice, and community organizing to weave an immersive practice of whole systems librarianship - grounded in place, nimble in changing circumstances, and positively influencing community wellbeing outcomes.

We understand that what follows is work. Which is to say it takes effort, it takes commitment, and it may involve some discomfort. It is designed for people who are proud of their profession, but sees a need for evolution; who are proud of the work they do, but ready to push harder.

And, you won't be alone!

Agencies, non-profits, schools, and libraries have teamed up to build this learning locally. C+L developers, Eli, Erica, and Margo along with past cohort graduates, are available to help you at a level that makes the most sense for you, every step of the way.

-- Erica Freudenberger, Eli Guinnee, and Margo Gustina

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