Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner

Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizing Companion

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner is an innovative, stylish and compact CPAP sanitizer. On buying this device, you will get a USB charger, a filtered bag, and a small main unit.

Sleep8 is a small device, and you easily pack it in your carry-bag or suitcase and take it on your travels. Sleep 8 makes use of pure Ozone to clean the tubing, mask, as well as the water chamber.

How to Use Sleep8 CPAP cleaner

Sleep8 CPAP Sanitizer is incredibly user-friendly. You just unplug the hose from the device, then find the port inside the filter bag and plug it in. You won’t need any special adapters because the port can accommodate electric diagnostic hoses, PAP hoses, and heated hoses.

Simply close the bag after you add the water chamber, tubing and mask into it. Plug the device to the port outside and then press start.

Here’s how to set up your Sleep8 CPAP cleaner in 3 simple steps.

STEP 1: Unzip the bag and look inside. You will find a round valve at the bottom of the bag. Detach the tubing from the machine and take the end of the tubing and attach it to the round valve inside of the bag. After you connect it, place the mask tubing and then empty the water chamber. Now zip up the bag.

STEP 2: Next, connect your Sleep8 CPAP cleaner to the outside of the bag. Locate the triangular valve at the bottom of the bag. There will be a notch which lines up with the notch in the Sleep8 port. Simply slide the valve into the port. It should fit perfectly.

STEP 3: This is the easiest step. Find the power button and press it till it makes a beep. Sleep8 screen will light up. Your Sleep 8 CPAP is now sanitizing your bed. It’s recommended to use your Sleep8 Sanitizer every day before you sleep.

Benefits of Sleep8 CPAP cleaner

  • Noiseless By Design : Sleep8 CPAP cleaner is virtually silent compared to older sanitation and cleaning devices. Since it works noiselessly, you can use it in just about any environment.
  • Simple & Lightweight : It is a simple and user-friendly so that just about anyone can use it to sanitize their CPAP accessories properly. All it takes as a simple one-click to clean. The compact, lightweight design makes it possible for you to take it anywhere in your travels.
  • Removes 99% bacteria with Ozone : Ozone, aka “activated oxygen” has been used for decades in the healthcare and food industry to kill bacteria. This natural power works more effectively than before to sanitize, sterilize and clean your CPAP equipment and protect you from sinus issues, mold, and other sicknesses.
  • Compatible with all CPAP machines: Sleep8 Sanitizer doesn’t require special connectors or adapters because it doesn’t connect to your CPAP machine directly. Just place your tubing, mask, humidifier chamber and headgear into the device, and you’re good to go.


  • Extremely easy to operate with simple one-click cleaning
  • Small, compact and stylish design does not take up space
  • Automatically turns off after completing sanitization process
  • Perfect 2 in 1 combination: can be used both at home and away
  • Effectively removes bacteria, viruses, and mold residing inside the mask, tubing and other parts of the CPAP accessories
  • Uses natural power of Ozone to remove 99% of bacteria residing in your CPAP equipment
  • Compatible with all types of CPAP machines
  • Affordable


  • Device needs recharging after only 2 hours
  • Could smell plastic during the first few uses
  • Need to replace bag at regular intervals

Sleeep8 CPAP Cleaner VS Soclean

Cleaning : Both Sleep 8 and SoClean use activated oxygen or Ozone to sanitize the CPAP masks. It is naturally occurring and is used by both the food and healthcare industry for sanitization purposes. Both effectively kills 99% of bacteria present in the CPAP equipment.

Sanitization Time : Sleep8 CPAP cleaner takes approximately 1 hour to sanitize your CPAP accessories. Once the sanitization process is complete, it will automatically turn off the device. SoClean requires a CPAP mask to remain inside of the device for a good 2 hours. It does not come with a programmable timer so you will have to take care of it manually.

Portability: Both Sleep8 and SoClean are small, compact, lightweight and are designed for use on-the-go. SoClean weights just over one pound and operates on battery while Sleep8 is also cordless and waterless to help you pack quickly and carry in your bag.

Compatibility: Sleep8 CPAP cleaner is compatible with all types of CPAP machines. It doesn’t attach to your CPAP machine directly and hence doesn’t need any special connectors or adapters. Just place your tubing, mask, humidifier chamber or headgear into the Sleep8 Sanitizer Bag and you’re good to go.

SoClean does not work with all CPAP masks. Some brands need an adapter to be able to work with SoClean. Buyers must double check the compatibility guide before they purchase.

Warranty : Sleep8 CPAP cleaner comes with an 18 months warranty. It applies to certain primary items while the warranty for the accessories and parts may vary. You can check out the manufacturer’s documentation for further details.

SoClean features two years warranty. However, the warranty only covers defects and problems in manufacturing workmanship. It does not cover any customer satisfaction issues nor the breakdowns due to normal wear and tear.


CPAP machines (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) help people with obstructive sleep apnea by forcing air pressure into the throat to help breath with ease. Cleaning your CPAP is vital because it could lead to respiratory infections if used without proper sanitization. With the help of a CPAP sanitizer, you can clean your machine conveniently and thoroughly.

Sleep8 CPAP cleaner offers a noiseless, convenient bag where you can simply put your CPAP mask and wait for it to clean without any hassle. It uses the power of oxygen to clean your equipment perfectly. You will no longer have to use harsh detergents, chemicals, soap or water to clean your equipment regularly.

Sleep8 CPAP Cleaner