March 1st: Financial Times


October 27th: Bloomberg Inequality Summit

October 27th: Bloomberg

July 17th: Movimiento Economico

May 23rd: The Australian

May 22nd: The Economist

May 13th Der Standard

May 11th: Die Zeit

April 27th: Voxeu

April 12th: Political Violence at a Glance blog

April 11th: The Conversation

April 7th: Kings College London blog

March 31st: Economic Policy

March 15th: Etica ed Economia

March 11th: UZH Event Series "Pandemic and Economics"

March 8th: The Telegraph


December 1st: Chartered Management Institute

November 6th: The HR Director

November 2nd: LSE Blog

October 29th: BBC 5 Radio (last 10min)

October 14th: Lexology

October 13th: HCEO Research Spotlight

September 25th: The Telegrgaph

September 23rd: The Scottish Sun

September 23rd: The Sun

September 22nd: The Guardian

September 15th: Voxeu podcast

September 4th: Gulf Times

September 1st: Bloomberg

August 22nd: The Daily Mail

August 9th: The Observer

August 17th: The Guardian

August 14th: The British Academy

August 10th: Personnel Today

August 9th: The Guardian

August 2nd: Salt Lake Tribune

July 29th: CGTN Europe

July 29th: Yahoo UK

July 15th: Yahoo UK

July 13th: Metro

July 12th: The Times

July 10th: The Standpoint

July 8th: Horizont

July 2nd: National Review

June 30th: World Economic Forum

June 28th: NPR

June 25th: Kompas

June 25th: The Week

June 24th: The Conversation

June 24th: QRIUS

June 23rd: EBC

June 23rd: The Star

June 22nd: Japan Today

June 22nd: Economic Times

June 22nd: The Jakarta Post

June 22nd: Arab News

June 22nd: The Phnom Penh Post

June 21st: India Today

June 21st: Ultima hora

June 21st: Time of Israel

June 21st: Bangkok Post

June 20th: Estado de Minas,1158436/pandemia-de-coronavirus-um-grande-retrocesso-para-o-emprego-das-mulhe.shtml

June 20th: La Deuphiné

June 20th: France 24

June 20th: Sud Ouest

June 20th: Le Journal de Montréal

June 20th: NSC Total

June 20th: Swiss Info

June 4th: The Economist

June 3rd: Die Zeit

June 2nd: Prospect Magazine

May 29th: Der Spiegel

May 23rd: BBC 5 live radio (2h mark)

May 23rd: Der Spiegel

May 22nd: BBC Newsnight

May 22nd: Standpoint Magazine

May 22nd: Quartz

May 10th: Metro Brazil

May 9th: Canguru News

May 8th: Quartz

May 7th: CSaP Podcast

May 6th: Nonprofit Quarterly

May 5th: Ökonomenstimme

May 4th: Libération

May 4th: BBC Turkey

May 3rd: UOL

May 3rd: The Guardian

April 30th: The Economist

April 28th: The Naked Scientist Podcast

April 28th: Wired

April 27th: Il Sole 24 Ore

April 27th: Vogue

April 22nd: Cambridge Network

April 21st: Vice

April 21st: Mirage News

April 21st: LSE blog

April 17th: Forbes

April 17th: QNewsHub

April 16th: The Economist

April 13th: Washington Post

April 8th: Voxeu

April 8th: Wired Magazine

April 8th: Yahoo Italy

April 5th: The Guardian

April 5th:

April 4th: The Times

April 4th: MaisConhecer

April 3rd: BBC Newsnight

April 3rd: Mirage News

April 3rd: Telegraph and Argus

April 3rd: Mirage News

April 3rd: The Telegraph