Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Electromagnetic Compatibility

In our company, we’re passionate about electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). We conceptualize it as one of the most complex branches of electrical engineering which studies, prevents, plans, organizes, evaluates, detects, and solves the challenges of the orderly coexistence between electrical and electronic devices. This art requires either graduate specialization or many years of extensive experience. Our company puts this expertise at your service.

As our society depends mainly on communications and electronics technologies, consequently, the number of wired and wireless devices has shown exponential growth. EMC takes care of the conformal operation of the growing number of devices without interference. We possess the ability and competence in detecting unintentional emissions from your products.

With the objective of regulating the great concert of devices operating simultaneously, institutions across the world have issued rules to certify and guarantee its electromagnetic compatibility and performance. Our company’s pre-compliance services will help your certification objectives.

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¿What is pre-compliance?

Pre-compliance work encompasses all design and measurement efforts to ensure electromagnetic compatibility before the certification stage. This process reduces the rejection rate of tested devices, and it decreases the time and costs involved. We are ready to tend to and fulfill your pre-compliance needs.

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EMC laboratories

EMC laboratories are the physical spaces where tests are carried out. They provide an adequate electromagnetic environment in which high-qualified personnel operate quite complex and sophisticated instruments.