Covector EMC

About Covector-EMC

Advanced practical knowledge for the improvement of the world we live and care.


Provide our clients with high quality and reliable EMC pre-compliance tests services to help them pass aplicable certifications.


Become a high skilled provider of sophisticated EMC pre-compliance tests, design and consultancy services.


Honesty, reliability, technical proficiency and emphaty with our clients.

Covector-EMC is part of Covector Technologies, business advocated to provide applied electromagnetics and radio frequency solutions.


Covector Technologies can undertake test, simulation, design and prototype fabrication projects in the following areas:

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC.

  • Design and test of antennas for any aplicación, i.e. WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, RFID, smartphone, phased array, etc.

  • RF systems and devices design.

  • RFID.

  • Radomes.

  • Analysis of mm-wave and microwave structures.

  • Periodic structures.

¿What is a covector?

A Covector is a linear algebra entity that transforms vectors into scalars showing their relation.

We can represent the real world with two quantities:

  1. Vectors. These are the quantities that have magnitude and direction. For instace, velocity, acceleration, electric and magnetic field.

  2. Scalars. These are the quantities that only possess magnitude. For instance, temperature, mass, voltage and electric charge.

When voltage (scalar) is obtained from the electric field (vector), we are observing the action of a covector.

Modern applied physics concepts reflect the spirit of our company. Advanced practical knowledge for the improvement of the world we live and care.