We're Candy & Chuck, and we reside in beautiful Rancho Mirage. We began our pet sitting service at our country club where we provide our furry guests with the ultimate country club experience. Our guest's families are always delighted as they receive photos and videos of the whimsical, over-the-top fun and pampering that their pets enjoy throughout their stay with us, whether it's at our home or theirs.


We're smoke-free, drug-free, alcohol-free, and drama-free! We are retired, and have been happily married for 40 years and have 2 grown daughters. We are very responsible, smart, honest, caring, funny, and super friendly. We're healthy and active, enjoy playing pickleball everyday, watching sports, dining out, socializing with our friends, and also quiet nights at home. We've owned and cared for a variety of animals throughout our lives and would be delighted to care for yours in the style they are accustomed... and yes, they can sleep on the bed with us, assuming they are allowed to.


We are total animal lovers! We've been without a pet of our own for a few years, so pet sitting enables us to experience the joy and companionship of our furry friends. It is the reason we started our sitting service. Pet sitting also enables us to further support many of our favorite charities, which include: Animal Samaritans, Safe House, Angel View, DAP Health, The Rancho Mirage Woman's Club, and many others. Our earnings from pet sitting goes towards our charitable spending and supporting local business.

We also understand the fears and concerns in finding trustworthy sitters, so it's extremely rewarding for us to provide you with peace-of-mind to fully enjoy your travels. It is a win-win-win situation for all parties; us, you and your beloved pets.  


Because our popularity has grown, we do book multiple dogs at the same time (usually up to three dogs), only if we know without question that they will be a good fit and will all get along. We love cats, but prefer to sit for them in their homes... which is what the cats prefer too.

We provide all of our dog guests with our signature "Ultimate Country Club Spa Experience." The daily activities might include:

• Daily massages with soothing spa music; also done lakeside as the weather permits.

• Delightful lakeside walks on lush green grass while taking in the sights and sounds of various wildlife and waterfowl.

• Morning meditation in our fairy garden with the hummingbirds, butterflies and gnomes.

• Fresh food and water presented on fine china and a silver platter.

• Afternoon Welcome Tea.

• Playtime, fetch, and practicing commands.

• Bedtime stories and lullabies.

• Golf cart rides around the club for an architectural tour, and drive through the grapefruit orchards.

• Other activities might include watching golf, tennis, croquet, and pickleball , along with other delightful surprises.

• Most of the time, they will be relaxing and cuddling with us as we watch TV or work on our computers.


When we commit to a  pet sit, we will provide you with regular updates, along with photos and videos by text, as often as you desire. Your pets and home are our #1 priority when in our care. We will always stay within the immediate area whenever we leave the house, and for no longer than 2-3 hours at any one time. In other words, we won't travel 100 miles to go sight-seeing when we're caring for your pets. All we require for our overnight assignments in your home, are good WIFI, a TV, and a clean, non-smoking home, along with detailed house/pet sitting instructions and emergency contact information.


As former pet owners and volunteers at animal shelters, we are keen to animal behavior and will be extremely protective in preventing any provocation of other animals during walks and outings, along with keeping alert of coyotes, hawks, red ants, hot pavement, and other threats. Although we LOVE all animals, we believe they are to be respected as some may be unpredictable, therefore we will always remain extra cautious while walking your dogs. Based on personal experience, we are hyper-vigilant when it comes to overall pet safety. Since we do board multiple dogs, rest assured that we have vetted each of them and know which are a good fit with each other. When administering medications and meals, we are diligent about observing that medications have in fact been ingested and that no other dogs eat each other's food, treats, or heaven forbid, medications. We leave a surveillance camera on when we leave the house so we can observe that all is well with the dogs. We will crate dogs who are comfortable with being crated as well.

We've adopted and cared for special needs dogs with both physical and mental issues. We've administered medications and dealt with physical limitations of our senior dogs (deaf, blind, handicapped, incontinent, etc). We also love and have owned birds. All animals have a special place in our hearts, along with cats, poultry, farm animals, fish, reptiles, hummingbirds, and wild and feral animals.

We've been homeowners all of our adult lives, having owned several homes and having been house managers for a family trust. We're very organized, and are excellent problem solvers and troubleshooters. We're observant and diligent in making sure things are as they should be. We're clean and meticulous, and enjoy tidying up after ourselves and keeping things pretty. We will care for your pets, your plants, your garden, your bird feeders, and your home, as if they were our own.

Your home will be in good hands, and we know how to take care of emergencies calmly and with common sense. We know how to fix things around the house if a small emergency should arise, or we'll find the right person to do it. We're also very budget conscious and care about your utility bills and other home expenses while you are away. In other words, your thermostat will stay right where you want it. We'll oversee housekeepers, gardeners, and other service personnel, along with taking out the trash/recycling, bringing in the mail, and starting up your cars and golf carts as needed. We can handle correspondence, bills, packages, and mail forwarding too.

Thank you for taking the time to read our detailed profile. We look forward to connecting with you and scheduling a Meet & Greet online or in person.

Candy & Chuck ~ The Country Club Sitters