Cornerstone Speech and Language offers a range of speech-language pathology services to help you maximize your child’s communication skills.



Cornerstone Speech and Language offers individual treatment to generate intensive change. Individual treatment allows us to deliver developmental, play-based therapy that harnesses your child’s personal motivations and propels him or her to the next level of communication success. Treatment sessions allow us to work together to address identified communication needs such as difficulties with oral-motor skills or coordination for speech sound production, phonologic development, auditory processing capacities, language comprehension, language expression, and social communication competence. Parents are encouraged to participate in every session.

Social communication group

Carefully designed, social communication groups are available within a peer to peer format or within a small group of 3-4 children for established clients. Pre-school and early school age groups focus upon developing social competencies through acquisition of social-emotional milestones within the child to child relationship; while, treatment groups for older elementary school age children blend those same social-emotional principles with the social-thinking curriculum, Think Social, created by speech-language pathologist, Michele Garcia Winner.