Cornerstone Speech and Language is dedicated to improving the communication abilities of infants, toddlers and young children. We specialize in providing developmentally appropriate, relationship-based speech and language treatment that draws upon the child’s emotional motivations. We artfully weave clinical science into cutting-edge treatment through the medium of play. We seek to create empowering partnerships with families throughout the assessment and treatment process. We strive, therefore, to ensure that every child meets his or her maximum potential for communication, social interaction, and early learning.


Our treatment philosophy is based upon the following foundational beliefs and principles:

  • Families and caregivers are integral and essential members of the therapeutic team and are strongly encouraged to actively participate in the assessment process and each treatment session.

  • Supportive, nurturing, and respectful relationships between the child, parents, therapists, and peers are considered essential to the child’s social communicative success.

  • Assessment and treatment techniques are based upon a neuro-developmental model. Goals are developed with the intent of moving a child through the developmental stages of cognition, speech, language and play.

  • Assessment and treatment activities are play-based with an emphasis on functional social-communication interactions within activities that are intrinsically motivating to the child.

  • An individualized systematic treatment plan is developed for each child based upon his or her unique developmental profile and communication needs.

  • Treatment should be a fun, positive, and rewarding experience for all involved.

  • Collaboration with other professionals involved in the child’s intervention program is essential to understanding the child as a whole.

  • Continuing education is necessary for the ongoing learning and therapeutic growth of any therapist.

  • Community support, advocacy, and education regarding speech, language, and communication development are important for increased public awareness.