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The Sacred Harp Publishing Company publishes the 1991 edition and has a newsletter with many interesting articles about the Sacred Harp tradition past and present. has a great collection of modern and vintage recordings covering every song in the 1991 edition Sacred Harp.

Learn to sing with the robots of Bremen.

Singing in Cork:

Convention - 1st Sunday in March and the Saturday before

All-Day Singing - Saturday before the 4th Sunday in August

Weekly singings - Thursdays, 7-9pm

Singing Elsewhere:

There are Sacred Harp groups in Dublin, Galway, and Belfast, as well as many in the UK, Europe, USA and more (check for details of groups and singings).

Calendar of all-day singings and conventions in Ireland, UK and Europe.

Other Audio:

A collection of great recordings from the American South -

Other Videos:

Stratfield142 Youtube channel - a collection of Sacred Harp videos with good quality audio from Texas.

Videos of (nearly) every song in the 1991 edition, compiled by our friends in Auvergne here.