2022 Ireland Sacred Harp Convention TBC

2021 Cork All Day Singing cancelled

Cork weekly singings suspended.

The 2022 Ireland Sacred Harp Convention has not yet been confirmed, and we are not likely to be in a position to do so before September at the earliest. We would ask visiting singers to not make any firm bookings before an official announcement is made.

We will not be holding our annual All Day Singing this August.

Cork weekly singings remain suspended until further notice.

Sacred Harp is an American four part harmony folk singing tradition from with songs dating from the 16th through the 20th centuries, characterised by haunting harmonies, traditional modes, raucous songs, serene hymns, fast fugues, and high-energy anthems. The term Sacred Harp refers to the human voice and is also name of the tune book from which we sing, first published in 1844 and most recently revised in 1991. The shape-note system uses squares, triangles, circles and diamonds corresponding to notes in the scale, making the music easy to sing for beginners and experienced alike.

The Sacred Harp Singers of Cork have been singing since 2009. We do not have rehearsals; we simply meet weekly sing for pure enjoyment. There is no conductor or director - anyone who wishes to choose and lead a song from the book can do so. We sing every Thursday from 7-9pm in the Unitarian Church, Prince's St, often followed by a social beverage.

We sing in full natural voice, so it's pretty loud, making it a great environment for beginners to build confidence in their voices. New singers of all levels of experience are always welcome - no prior sight reading ability necessary. Just turn up any Thursday and sing with us!