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I included Mount Escapes and Arm Bar Escapes from our Grappling Basics Volume 1 series, so that you can be well-rounded in getting out from under someone controlling or striking you.

This series is designed to be understood by the complete novice with no training whatsoever and also off the advanced student or instructor the tools and used to be successful in resisting encounters against more advanced and skilled attackers.

It has unique Core JKD grappling techniques to enhance your grappling game beyond traditional training.

The videos in this series...

Escaping High Mount - Everything You Need To Know

  • How you got there
  • 3 Exercise drills vs resistance that support high mount escape
  • Detailed escapes, including preventing the armbar
  • Detailed escapes while being punched

Mount escapes

  • Umpah
  • Roll over leg
  • Elbow escape
  • COG (center of gravity)
  • Head control bridge
  • Arm over leg
  • Multiples

Arm Bar Escapes

  • Basic arm bar
  • Elbow awareness from below
  • Push out
  • Halo
  • Bridge on face
  • Shoulder Torque