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Doug Sweeney, Core JKD Group Leader

Got the Core JKD DVD in 2003 and found it to be very informative and practical.

I was pleased to find Core JKD on YouTube a year ago to start training again and excited to join the member site to become a group leader. I have studied a few different martial arts and did not find a complete system that covers, stand up and ground fighting, conditioning, sparring, weapons and training against resisting attackers-something that many systems fail to do. I also like that Ming showcases his female students in his videos since I train with women in our group! If you are looking for a complete self-defense system, look no further than Core JKD to protect your self!

Brian Gibson, Core JKD Group Leader

I started training with Shaun (Ming) right after moving to the Tampa area in 2003. I had trained with many teachers previous to this and recognized Shaun's martial art skills and ability to teach those skills to others. Unfortunately, my job required constant travel, and I was not able to keep up with my training in Core JKD without Shaun's input and guidance.

Now, years later, after finding and training with the CJKD member site, the spark has been re-ignited. The lessons are clear and precise (through years of fine-tuning by Shaun and his assistant instructors). Fundamentals, attributes, drills and even example classes are available on the site.

This is definitely the best online distance training program I've come across.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn the best self defense in all ranges, weapons, and conditioning training in a progressive and entertaining way.

—Brian G. @Denton Tai Chi/Facebook

Interested in Distance Learning to become a Certified Group Leader or Instructor in Core JKD, Rebel Wing Chun, or CJKD Weapons? Check out our information below.

You can also find out more on the site.

The Core JKD Member Site is a Distance-Learning resource for individuals wanting to learn and to be certified in the Core JKD Method and Curricula. A large selection of videos, with more uploaded each week, detail all aspects of Core JKD, Rebel Wing Chun, and CJKD Weapons.

Core JKD Member Site Information

One of the purposes of the CJKD Member Site—especially at the Group Leader level—is to take individuals who have no training whatsoever and give them the videos (not seen anywhere else) and the curriculum to train and teach the Core JKD Methods for self defense against resisting attackers.

Instructors coming from other systems or arts gain the benefit of access to information that will enhance their functionality and survivability in life-threatening encounters beyond traditional training.

As a Group Leader, you can teach one or several individuals who feel comfortable with you as their guide. When you are ready, you can qualify and test for one of the following:

  • Group Leader-Certified
  • Instructor-Certified
multiple opponent sneak attack training

Multiple opponent sneak attack training

You can also test for proficiency in any or all of the following areas: Core JKD, Rebel Wing Chun, or CJKD Weapons.

Testing is not mandatory. You can learn the Methods of Core JKD and train as long as you wish and never test. I have people who have trained with me for decades—and who are capable fighters—who have never tested.

If you want Instructor-Level Certification in Core JKD, however, testing is mandatory.

There are specific benefits for testing or certification, however. These are:

  • World-wide public acknowledgement of Group Leader or Instructor Certification, including promotion of you or your group or school through Core JKD's various social media channels and online presence. (This is optional, as some people prefer or require a less public image.)
  • Recognition as a representative of one of the most advanced self-defense systems available.
  • At the Instructor level, the ability to test your students in the Core JKD curricula.
  • All of the benefits associated with Group Leader or Instructor training listed on the site.

The Member Site is broken up into 3 levels: Group Leader, Instructor, and Affiliate.

All of the Membership levels give you access to Core JKD training and testing requirements and curricula for becoming well-rounded in all the ranges against resisting attackers—with or without weapons—in life-threatening situations.

That is the basis of our training. It is the reason we exist. Our methods and techniques are hard-tested to that end.

Group Leader Membership level gives you access to videos and manuals that will clearly define the structure and realistic training methods and techniques that will give you and your students an advantage in surviving life-threatening scenarios.

The site has an extensive library of conditioning and technique drills that help train you to be relaxed under stress, explosive with power and speed when needed, knowledgeable in fight and environmental tactics, and have an increased awareness of surroundings while tapping into and training to high levels our genetic gifts that enhance our visual perception and tactile read.

It is also filled with progressions and actual class examples, taking you from simple to complex concepts and applications that allows you to teach in a way that ingrains reflexive responses and combat skills that can be performed at high levels of proficiency with or without sight.

Instructor Level Membership gives you access to all the Group Leader videos and training, as well as additional detailed Instructor training in areas of edged weapons, escaping ropes and other bonds, as well as lock-picking. There are times when these skills are required for the purpose of saving our lives, and we are capable and ready to train you in them. This is something we've been teaching privately for decades and are now offering it on a world-wide platform.

The instructor also gains access to specific video training that will enhance their ability to communicate to their students the Core JKD Method, as well as efficiently analyze and troubleshoot their students mechanics to bring them to their optimum best.

Instructor Membership, becoming and Instructor in Core JKD, is the path to becoming an Affiliate.

Affiliate Membership has specific benefits listed on the member site, including representation of the Core JKD brand and you as a satellite school with increased online presence, Video sales affiliate benefits and much more.

Below is a peek at some of the many, many videos on the site, with more added every week.