Dr. Maxime Cordeil

Senior Lecturer (Data Visualisation, HCI, VR/AR) - The University Of Queensland

I am a Senior Lecturer in Extended Reality, HCI and Data Visualisation at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, at the University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane, Australia.

I work on a research initiative called Immersive Analytics. I explore, develop and evaluate interactive data visualisation in Extended Reality environments. My research revolves around studying how people collaborate, understand, analyse and make sense and decisions with data visualisations in immersive environments.  

My current focus includes interactive machine learning with 3D data, decision-making in digital health, and in-situ data visualisation of physical activity data.

Current PhD students:

Previous PhD students to completion: 

Recent projects

Working with Forensic Practitioners to Understand the Opportunities and Challenges for Mixed-Reality Digital Autopsy

Vahid Pooryousef, Maxime Cordeil, Lonni Besancon, Christophe Hurter, Tim Dwyer, Richard Bassed

ACM CHI 2023

GestureExplorer: Immersive Visualisation and Exploration of Gesture Data

Ang Li, Jiazhou Liu, Maxime Cordeil, Jack Topliss, Thammathip Piumsomboon, and Barrett Ens

ACM CHI 2023

Deimos: A Grammar of Dynamic Embodied Immersive Visualisation Morphs and Transitions

Benjamin Lee, Arvind Satyanarayan, Maxime Cordeil, Arnaud Prouzeau, Bernhard Jenny, Tim Dwyer

ACM CHI 2023

A Design Space For Data Visualisation Transformations Between 2D And 3D In Mixed-Reality Environments

Benjamin Lee, Maxime Cordeil, Arnaud Prouzeau, Bernhard Jenny, Tim Dwyer

ACM CHI 2022 (Best Paper Honourable Mention Award)

Towards Immersive Collaborative Sensemaking

Ying Yang, Tim Dwyer, Michael Wybrow, Benjamin Lee, Maxime Cordeil, Mark Billinghurst, Bruce H. Thomas

Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, ISS, ACM, 2022. 

The MADE-Axis: A Modular Actuated Device to Embody the Axis of a Data Dimension

The Made-Axes are modular + tangible controllers for embodied interact with Mixed Reality visualisations.


Embodied Axes - Tangible interaction with augmented medical imaging

The Embodied Axes is a tangible controller for precise interaction with 3D immersive visualisation of medical images in Augmented Reality.

ACM CHI 2020 paper

IATK - an immersive data visualisation toolkit

IATK is a Unity-based immersive data visualisation toolkit that allows you to build custom interactive visualisations in AR and VR

IEEE VR 2019 paper

> Project available on GitHub

Data visualisation in virtual reality

ImAxes is a dataviz software in virtual reality that uses intuitive gestures to build meaningful visualisations.

ACM UIST 2017 paper

> Project available on GitHub