Maxime Cordeil

Senior Lecturer (Data Visualisation, HCI, VR/AR) - The University Of Queensland

I am a Senior Lecturer in Data Visualisation at the School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering at the University of Queensland (UQ), Brisbane, Australia.

Previously I was a Lecturer in HCI at the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.
I work on a research initiative called Immersive Analytics, where I explore, develop and evaluate interactive data visualisation in AR/VR.
I was a member of the iaLab, the *immersive* data visualisation lab at Monash University.

Current PhD students:

  • Benjamin Lee (Monash University)

  • Aldrich Clarence (Monash University)

  • Vahid Pooryoussef (Monash University)

Previous PhD students to successful completion:

Recent projects

The MADE-Axis: A Modular Actuated Device to Embody the Axis of a Data Dimension

The Made-Axes are modular + tangible controllers for embodied interact with Mixed Reality visualisations.


Embodied Axes - Tangible interaction with augmented medical imaging

The Embodied Axes is a tangible controller for precise interaction with 3D immersive visualisation of medical images in Augmented Reality.

ACM CHI 2020 paper

IATK - an immersive data visualisation toolkit

IATK is a Unity-based immersive data visualisation toolkit that allows you to build custom interactive visualisations in AR and VR

IEEE VR 2019 paper

> Project available on GitHub

Data visualisation in virtual reality

ImAxes is a dataviz software in virtual reality that uses intuitive gestures to build meaningful visualisations.

ACM UIST 2017 paper

> Project available on GitHub