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IMPORTANT: U. S. Supreme Court ruling requires registration of a copyright before filing a lawsuit to enforce your rights!

Benefits of Copyright Registration:

Protect Your Creative Work in 3 Easy Steps

How CopyrightsNow Works

CopyrightsNow uses artificial intelligence (AI)  to guide you through only the questions you need for your specific type of application... speeding-up the process and improving the user experience!

Your information is saved as you work, so you can always log-off and return later to complete your application. 

Then just click 'Submit' for a review by your personal Specialist and then filing with the U. S. Copyright Office! *

Benefit: Maximizes your protection and copyright enforcement!

Your Personalized Portal Dashboard

• Access CopyrightsNow from your iPad, iPhone, Android device, desktop PC or MAC

• Track and Manage all your copyright applications

• Uses artificial intelligence (A/I)  to guide you through the questions you need for your specific type of application

* There is a separate government filing fee of $65 per copyright which you pay directly to USCO. 

Volume Users:  If you have 500+ titles needing copyright registrations, we offer Volume Discounts and speedy batch processing... see for this service. 

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