Protect your book and enforce your rights.
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With an Official U. S. Copyright Registration!

IMPORTANT: U. S. Supreme Court ruling requires you to register in order to activate your copyrights before filing a lawsuit!

Benefits of Copyright Registration:

  • Protect your work for lifetime plus 70 years!

  • Claim up to $150,000 in statutory damages plus legal fees If your work is infringed

  • CopyrightsNow® makes it easy to register copyrights with the U. S. Copyright Office using your web-browser or Mobile App for iPhone, iPad or Android Phone or Tablet

  • Establish a legal record of your creative content

  • Electronic e-Copyright Service saves $30 - $50 off paper filing fees

Protect Your Creative Work in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Complete an on-line questionnaire about your work and authors

  2. Pay the filling fee* and submit a copy of your work

  3. Receive a Certificate of Registration from the U.S. Copyright Office

How CopyrightsNow Works

CopyrightsNow uses artificial intelligence (A/I) to guide you through only the questions you need for your specific type of application... speeding-up the process and improving the user experience!

Your information is saved as you work, so you can always log-off and return later to complete your application.

Then just click 'Submit' for your personal Specialist Review and Filing with the U. S. Copyright Office! *

Benefit: Maximizes your protection and copyright enforcement!

Your Personalized Portal Dashboard

• Access from your iPad, iPhone, Android device, Desktop PC or MAC

• Tracks all your copyright applications

• Uses artificial intelligence (A/I) to guide you through the questions you need for your specific type of application

* There is a separate filing fee of $65 which you pay directly to USCO.

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