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Strike Two Summit

Opening the future of food. We need to speed up impact on the biggest issues in food.

This fall/winter, three events are taking place showcasing and discussing digital innovations to make our food system more circular, sustainable and future-proof. Each event is focused on a part of the food chain: starting with a consumer-orientated event on building trust, followed by an event entirely for our farming industry and closing with our food supply chain as a whole.

The future of food exists in a world where smart agriculture, smart production, smart logistics, smart trade, smart consumption and smart financing come together. Blockchain is a promising technology to make this happen. It can fundamentally improve our food systems: it provides a ‘single layer of truth’, can better guarantee food safety and stimulate circularity along the supply chain.

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360 Survey

What topics would you like to discuss at future CoP meetings? What products or outputs would you like to see in 2019?

The 360 Survey is your opportunity to let us know how we can improve the Community.

Please take a moment to give us your feedback: http://bit.ly/2Wrkec8. We appreciate it!

courtesy of Gideon Kruseman, May 2, 2019

Who are those other CoP members?

If you are wondering who those other CoP members are, have a look at the diagram. There are nearly 500 people signed up to the newsletter (Tier 1 members, see membership section below) from CGIAR, Academia, Business, NGOs, government and multilateral organizations.

Who we are

Community of Practice on Socio-Economic Data

This is the starting place for shared collaborative site of the Community of Practice on Socio-economic Data (#CoP_SED) which is part of the CGIAR Platform for Big data in Agriculture.

We created this in April 2019 to accelerate and enhance the collaboration amongst community of practice members. Over the next few months we, the members of the community, will populate thus site with relevant content.

This the the home of the various working groups of the CoP:

  • SociO! The working group on a socio-economic ontology. Jointly with the CoP on ontologies
  • 100Q. The working group data standardization and harmonization.
  • OIMS. The working group on a platform and ontology independent, flexible and extensible metadata schema.
  • CAPI. The working group on best practices in computer aided personal interview software.
  • Blockchain coalition. The working group on using distributed ledger technology in complex dynamic agri-food systems in low and middle-income countries.
  • Gender meets Big Data. The working group on gendered big data . Jointly with CGIAR Gender Platform.
  • Ethics, Privacy, Data Confidentiality and Cyber-security. The name says it all.
  • Informal group of CGIAR-IRB folks.

for more information on the working groups....

Moreover, this is where members in general can find resources on a variety of topics, discuss issues and connect with others.


Membership information:

Tier 1 be informed: Tier 1 membership occurs when joining the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture and checking the interest box for the community of practice on socio-economic data. This membership just ensures you get the general emails send out by the CoP (newletters, webinar announcements). This is a passive membership without much direct interaction. Tier 1 members also receive general newsletters and announcement of the CGIAR Platform for Big Data in Agriculture.

Some resources are available to Tier 1 members and others interested in our work.

Tier 2 be engaged: Tier 2 membership is through our linkedIn group CGIAR BIG DATA - Socio-Economic Data CoP . This allows posting of general messages and is useful for slightly more active members. This is good for visibility, networking and a great way to share (re-)post blogs, publications, etcetera.

Tier 3 contribute: Tier 3 membership is meant for the most active members of the CoP..

#CoP_SED teamwork site: This is the area where active members working together the generate CoP outputs collaborate

#CoP_SED google drive: This is the place where CoP members can find resources, meeting notes, presentations

#CoP_SED Forum /message board: This is the place to discuss issues related to topics covered by the working groups, general things related to the CoP or anything else...

Use the apply for access button to be part of the movement, fill out the form

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Fast access to other resources

Fast access often requires members to sign-up first.

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#CoP_SED teamwork site: Tasks, milestones for each working group are found here

#CoP_SED Forum /message board: Messaging for working group specific issues. (working group forums by invitation)

Some working group specific direct links (by invitation only).

Most resources are on our #CoP_SED google drive: This is the place where CoP members can find resources, meeting notes, presentations

There are a few resources that are restricted to CGIAR members of the CoP