The Fragmentation of Reality

July 21-22, 2018 · Room A 32, Palazzo rosso

Via Giuseppe Buffi 13

The idea that reality is somehow divided into different sectors goes back (at least) to Plato’s ‘two worlds’ and Aristotle’s Categories. What considerations, if any, would support such a fragmentation in contemporary philosophical frameworks? Do such considerations also support the postulation of different ‘ways of being’ or modes of existence? What about degrees of existence? Are the various sectors or categories arranged in one or more hierarchies?

This workshop aims at shedding light on these and related questions.


Saturday, July 21

09:30am Kris McDaniel (Syracuse): 'The Essence of Being'

11:00am Kevin Mulligan (Lugano): 'Modes of Being and the Mind'

12:15pm Lunch break: Trattoria Galleria (Via G. Carducci 4)

02:00pm Martin Lipman (Amsterdam): 'The Extensional Constitution View '

03:30pm Tobias Wilsch (Tübingen): 'Fragmentation of Necessity'

07:30pm Dinner at Bottegone del vino (Via M. Magatti 3)

Sunday, July 22

09:30am Matti Eklund (Uppsala): 'Alien Structure and Themes from Analytic Philosophy'

11:00am Alex Skiles (Gothenburg): 'In Defense of Ontological Pluralism'

12:15pm Lunch at Trattoria Galleria (Via G. Carducci 4)

The venue for the workshop is Room A32 in the 'Red Building' (Palazzo Rosso) on USI's main campus at Via Buffi 13. (Please note the change in the location: the workshop had originally been set to take place in Room A13. Also please note the new time for the dinner: 7:30pm instead of 7:00pm.)

Registration is free, but please contact to register.