Cooley PTO Mission Statement

To strengthen, enhance and encourage educational growth by fostering relationships among the school,  parents, teachers and the community.  The members of Cooley PTO are focused on complimenting the school and the District of Waterford curriculum as it relates to inspiring, empowering and educating students, through parent and teacher volunteers

Your 2023-2024 Cooley PTO Board

Angela Ferguson - President

Corrie Whitsell - Vice President, Finance

Lisa Trevino - Vice President, Cooley Relations

Eileen Stoijadinov - Treasurer

Stephanie Larsh - Corresponding Secretary

Mariah Dennard - Recording Secretary

Selene Hernandez-Gonzalez  - Fundraising Coordinator

Melinda Tindall - Fundraising Coordinator

Tawnie Taylor - Member at Large

Shannon Cummings - Principal

Stacy Isbell and various staff- Teacher Representatives


The PTO Does:

Support the educational programs and extracurricular activities of the school.

Organize fundraising efforts to support some additional programs and equipment not covered in the school budget.

Coordinate programs and projects that will support or enrich the curriculum.

Support the educational goals of the school and assist with attaining those goals through parent and community volunteerism.

Recruit volunteers and coordinate volunteer efforts to staff PTO functions and assist with school programs.

Provide feedback and suggestions for school programs.

Have some great volunteers!

Respect your time and schedule.

Have fun and make new friends.

Appreciate your support!

The PTO Does NOT:

Run the school.

Define or control the school’s budget.

Define the school’s curriculum.

Set educational goals, testing requirements, or compliance factors.

Have jurisdiction or authority over school staff, teachers and other employees.

Set policy regarding school programs.

Set the school’s calendar.

Have anything to do with school pictures or yearbooks.

Get paid.

Have to be at the school during the school day.

Have any more free time than the average family.

Have all the help they need.