Weekly Meeting

Meetings are held at noon on Wednesday. Current meeting location is Central Baptist College Community Room. We have informative and entertaining programs every week at the meetings. Please contact us if you'd like to attend a meeting in person or via Zoom.

About Kiwanis of Conway, Arkansas

For almost 100 years the Conway Kiwanis Club has provided local business professionals an opportunity to gather once a week for fellowship and information on matters of local, state, national and international concern. Of even more importance, Kiwanis has encouraged voluntary participation in a variety of community service and leadership activities. 

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Kiwanis of Conway celebrating 100 years

100 Anniversary Celebration to be held July 24

Published May, 2024

Kiwanis of Conway is celebrating 100 years with a special program at our club meeting on Wednesday, July 24, 2024. The program will feature a look back the history of the club and the very special people who have contributed to its success. 

Kiwanis of Conway was founded in 1924. The founders has gathered enough potential members by July 23 (the date which would be used in the charter), and two days later an organizational meeting was held at the First Methodist Church. A charter night meeting was conducted at the Revilo (later, Bachelor) Hotel on November 18. Hendrix College professor and Dean Charles Jerome Greene was responsible for the founding of the club and served as its first president.

Throughout 2024, member David Grimes has been presenting Centennial Facts at each club meeting.