Hi, I'm Terri. I sell on Etsy and Amazon. :)


hope you have a great holiday weekend!

May 27, 2021

Updating Etsy, getting the rest of the new products listed, packaging new and old products for FBA... these are my goals for the weekend. (And mowing my yard... goodness gracious it needs it.)

Hope everyone has an amazing holiday weekend. Stay safe. Enjoy and appreciate your time.. whether it's spent with friends and family or spent doing things that maybe aren't fun or enjoyable.. lol. Find a silver lining and make the most of it.



have you made anything new?

May 2021

Yep. I'm currently in the process of making some notepads.

My recent orders have been filled with mini notepads that I made to test out a new project for larger pads.

They have little sticker kits with them to hang up your notes or post them in fun places. I really like them. They're fun, cute and make me happy... but I'm biased.

While working on my project, I also had my daughter create a few designs of her own, so we're currently printing, cutting and assembling all of the designs.

(Fun fact, we both do graphic design. She's currently in her first year of college and I'm always blown away at her abilities. It's not often she decides to get in on a new project, so this one is a special treat! I'm excited to get them done.)

I hope to have them ready at the end of this month :)

new products - updating amazon and etsy

april 2022

I haven't been gone a full year, I promise. I've been prioritizing new designs and getting those print/cut/photographed/listed online.

There's at least 20 new products listed to date. (100+ to go still.. woah.)

I haven't updated Etsy in forever, but Amazon has been getting the majority of the updates. I will transfer the updates to Etsy when I have better organization on Amazon.

I'm finally updating the Conquest of Happiness storefront on Amazon, so check it out for the latest info.

I did hand out some goodie bags recently to the lovely ladies I see at my day job. I designed some volunteer gift packs in 2015... I have continued to use the "You are Wonderful" artwork for projects here and there. In return I was also gifted some cake and macaroons!!! Holy moly, they were sooo good. (Thank you Maria! <3 Shout out to Rosie too.. she's always letting me pick out a snack. <3)

Update on those notepads from last year. I still haven't put them on Amazon, because I'm not sure if I want them with fridge magnets or not. Amazon reviews for poor sticking fridge magnets are kinda brutal, so I was testing out different options.. and then life got busy again.

Also no one commented on the mini notepads I included with past orders as a fun little freebie, so.. maybe they're not as cool as I think they are? I use them all the time though. The "Ass LOL" one is shown on one of my TikTok videos.. lol. To be fair, this is one my daughter designed... I use her notepads daily!

Vanilla Extract Labels by Conquest of Happiness