Hi. I'm Terri. I make things...

Welcome to Conquest of Happiness! I find happiness in creating stuff that encourages happiness in others.

Vanilla Extract Labels by Conquest of Happiness

For Example...

In March, using electrical conduit and wood, I created designs for shelving in my work room and a bed for my daughter. I'd like to turn these plans into a DIY instructable so others can be inspired to build their own. Planning and building these was an effort of my "conquest of happiness" in my personal life, and making an instructable might be helpful to others on their conquest too!

I'm also working on creating bundled extract kits for the holidays. I think I've narrowed down the bottle and box sizes.. we'll see if I can figure it out... This is my next "conquest of happiness" and the kits should be fun for others to DIY their own extracts with! Go check out Etsy or Amazon to see what I'm talking about. :)


Pet furniture. I'm dying to do some cool pet furniture.. you have no idea.

Oh, you meant useful things?

I also have a goal to help small businesses with efficient and affordable product packaging, custom to their needs. Starting from nothing is hard, but growth and success is a source of happiness for many... finding ways to encourage that growth and success is where I’ll try to help.

goals and learning adventures

TikTok. YouTube. Downloadable tutorials. DIY Boxed projects.

I have only one of me... and the one of me is already very tired and stretched thin. Lol.. but I'm doing my best to learn more all the time. Expanding on these areas are some of my goals for 2022.

Hopefully now that I'm an empty nester, I can work on converting my daughter's bedroom into a YouTube "studio" of sorts. (Really... "studio" is synonymous with "clean/quiet space"... I don't think I'll go all out with anything more than a tripod and hopefully some good natural lighting and a closed door to minimize distortion.

But TikTok seems fun... I'd like to experiment with that a bit!

And as my brother gets closer to getting his workshop up and running, I'd love to spend more time with him and we can both work on new projects and create some fun downloadable DIY templates!

if you're bored...


Creative adventures fueled by the curiosity and exploration of "genuine objects of interest" in effort to encourage happiness in myself and others.

My goal? Random and uninhibited exploration of creation with the pure intent to encourage happiness.

For me, each project is a melting pot of problem solving and curiosity fed by genuine a desire to promote and create happiness in myself and others.

(What? In short... I want to have fun making stuff that others have fun using...to make stuff that's fun to share with others?)


Stop. Think. Listen. I try to create ways to connect with or understand others and myself better. I want us all to feel good about ourselves, the world around us, the moment we're in or the path that we're on.


I'm still figuring sh*t out... it might take awhile, but watch me grow. Or don't.. that's cool too. Either way.. Do good. Be better. Have fun. Create and find happiness in your world.

if you're really bored...

I'm not a drop shipper.

I'm a real
-life human that creates products from start to finish and I'm sending my product out to you myself.

Unless you're ordering from Amazon Prime. Prime/FBA products are ones I've packaged myself and sent to an Amazon warehouse... and they shipped it to you. Technicalities. But trying to be honest.)

My products can be viewed as expensive.

I'm one person. I wear all the hats and make these things from my home.

I'm not a manufacturer (even though it often feels like I'm a machine designing, printing, cutting or packaging fun stuff). I can't compete in pricing with Walmart, Target or Hobby Lobby. If you want Hobby Lobby, go to Hobby Lobby, they're great too!

My quantities are probably always going to be a bit low and possibly limited due to the nature of being hand
made, experimentation, trial and error, and my access to supplies/equipment or having limited time to invest.

This website? Ya, I know.. it's a google site. I didn't even know these existed. But it's also a functional landing page that tells you to go to Etsy or Amazon. Some day when I grow up, I'll have a real website... maybe? Who knows. I'm just here making things happen... <3

<3 Peace out frands.