How will the program provider know I am receiving a scholarship from Connecting Kids when I go to register?

After Connecting Kids has approved your scholarship, we will email the details of the financial agreement and next steps to both you and the program provider.

When and where do I bring my co-pay?

You can bring your co-pay with you at the time of registration. Once the program receives this, they will inform Connecting Kids.

Can I register my child for the activity and then contact Connecting Kids for a scholarship?

No, each application must be received prior to registering for the activity. Once you complete the application and it is approved, you can then register your child.

If my child wants to participate in more than one activity, do I need to fill out another application?

Yes, each scholarship request must have a completed application. Multiple children can be added to one application, but only one activity per child per application.


If your family does not participate in the free or reduced lunch program, but you believe your child should be eligible for a scholarship, Connecting Kids highly recommends you apply to receive lunch benefits. (Please note that choosing to pack a lunch for your child will NOT affect scholarship eligibility. As long as you are eligible to participate in the free and reduced lunch program, you will meet our scholarship eligibility requirement.)

If you would like more information about the free and reduced lunch program, or would like to learn how to apply, contact your school's district office at the number listed below:

Blue Earth County

Janesville-Waldorf-Pemberton 507-231-7720

Kato Public Charter School 507-387-5542

Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial 507-726-2323

Mankato Area Public Schools 507-387-1868

Maple River Schools 507-524-3918

St. Clair School 507-245-3501

Le Sueur County

Le Sueur Henderson Public Schools 507-665-4600

Nicollet County

Nicollet Public Schools 507-232-3411

St. Peter Public Schools 507-934-5703

Waseca County

Waseca Public Schools 507-835-2500