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The Practice of Complex Care - Conversational, ECHO-inspired Discussion

Jack Maypole & Matt Sadof.

Thursday, June 15, 2 pm EST

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Welcome to the Complex Care Webpage!

The vision for this page is to provide a home page open to the general public with more detailed and specific pages accessible by "magic word" to members of the APA Complex Care and Disability SIG and Complex Care list serv.  

It will both store SIG Content as well as link to content generated by individual users.  Suggested uses include sharing educational resources, clinical pathways, documentation templates, complex care program information, etc.

Complex Care and Disability SIG and/or Complex Care list serv members, please post a message to the APA Community or email the list serv if you are having difficulty accessing an Affinity Groups page or using the "magic word."

Kristina Malik, MD

Katie Huth, MD

Mary Ehlenbach, MD

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We acknowledge and thank Ishani Kaushik for her design of the APA Complex Care and Disability SIG website.