kNOw Compassion, kNOw Peace

Now, more than ever, compassion matters most!

The Compassion Summit is proud to bring you COMPASSION SUMMIT 2020,
our first Virtual Summit. Though we cannot come together this year,
it allows us the opportunity to expand our reach and practice compassion across our year
for a brand new Compassion Summit experience!

November 2020 – April 2021

Featuring Keynotes & Speakers

  • Kass & Cornelius Minor

  • Homa Tavanger

  • Sara Holbrook

  • Michael Salinger

  • Brendan Madden

We extend our gratitude to NESA
for their ongoing support
and for sponsoring two Keynotes
and two Workshop sessions.

Registered Schools

Please see our Virtual Summit page for details about each phase of the Summit.

Please send any inquiries to

Make an Impact!

Looking Forward Looking Back Compassion Summit 2019

Compassion Summit 2019

In addition to designing for future compassionate action, Compassion Summit 2019 celebrated the amazing things we have done over the years because of our Compassionate Action Plans.

Compassion Summit 2017

This video captures what students took away from the inaugural Compassion Summit 2017.

Compassion Summit 2018

Read about Compassion Summit 2018 in NESA News here.

We are grateful to the Charter for Compassion, the Fetzer Institute, Voices for Creative Nonviolence, and NESA for your support of the inaugural Compassion Summit and beyond.

Thank you for believing in an idea...