Compassionate Action

How do we 'design' for sustainable, compassionate action?

Our Action Plans lie at the heart of the Compassion Summit.

Check out our streamlined Action Plan template!

During the Compassion Summit, you will use Design Thinking to design an Action Plan for your school. Our goal is to create sustainable change by planning short-term actions that become embedded in our community.

You will

–Use Survey/Observation/Interview Data from your school to create an Action Plan

–Participate in a Design Sprint

–Create a Compassionate Action Plan that you can implement in 4-6 weeks

The Action Planning process has several elements and will take some pre summit work at your school. This is a data collection survey process. When you arrive, you will learn more about compassion, see models of what has been done and then plan in your school teams. Your goal is to leave with a PLAN for ACTION at your school. The chaperons are central to this process both before and during and after the Summit.

What does your community need?

To ensure we are ‘designing’ solutions to serve the needs of our community, we will continue with the pre-summit survey. The questions are the same as last year, so this is great data for your school teams discuss.

Please refer to this document for complete details about the process including

  • Information gathering
  • Data synthesis

Please ensure you bring survey data to our Design Sprint on Thursday, March 14.

During the Summit, you will participate in a variety of sessions, which we hope will consolidate to inform your action plans.

  • Keynote sessions serve as inspiration and core learnings for the Compassion Summit.
  • Connections sessions allow us to connect with one another, interact, and come together as a system of Summit participants.
  • Workshop sessions allow us to deepen our learning in an area of interest and deepen our leadership skills in that area so that we can share our expertise within our school communities.
  • Community Connections sessions allow us to serve the community and deepen our empathy and passion for action.
  • School Sessions allow us to synthesize our learning and experiences from each component of the Summit so that we can lead for compassionate action through our design of an Action Plan.

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring , all of which have the potential to turn a life around."

–Leo Buscaglia