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Change Up Your Workspace for Spring

When it comes to making your office comfortable and unique to your own tastes, you have got to do a bit of decorating that allows you to express yourself and who you are. Without such decor, your office is just a bland white space with a desk and chair in it.

I’m a fan of switching things up as seasons (and sometimes holidays) come and go. Whether it’s the transition from summer to fall or I’m decorating for the winter holidays, things get a lot different in my office. But hey, what’s so bad about being festive and enjoying the time of year?

Now that spring is here, I’m super stoked to get some new decorations up. I love the lushness of it all and the critters you can get away with putting in your office (not the real ones, mind you).

Opposed to other holidays and seasons, spring makes it pretty simple to celebrate and decorate your office. Anything green and lush like plants (fake or real) will always do the trick.

Struggling for ideas on how to decorate your own office? Check out our suggestions!


Ahhh, this is the best way to welcome in the greenery of spring and brighten up your office with some fresh, real plants. If you have a window, go crazy with whatever plants you want! Myself, I’m a fan of succulents.

Computer wallpaper

I’m always looking for excuses to change up my computer’s wallpaper. It gets boring and predictable every morning otherwise. It’s never a bad thing to be greeted with lush forests or spring themed animals every morning when you turn your computer on, is it?

Spring-themed supplies

I like buying new office and shipping supplies to match the season we’re currently in. Whether you’ve come into possession of some decorative pencils, pens, or even tape, it’s a nice way of having some fun for cheap while also retaining the utility of such items. No matter the case, shipping supplies in the theme of your choice will suffice as useable items and match the season or holiday you’re going for.


Whether you’re keen on adding some eggs or birds or even rabbits to your office, figurines reminiscent of wildlife and the fresh growth outside will easily do the trick in adorning your desk or end tables. The best part is that you can pick up so much of these things from your local craft store. Feel free to make your own, too! There’s no better way to making your office feel like your own place than including decorations you made yourself.