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How To Organize Commonly Forgotten Items During A Move

Regardless of how many records you may keep, it is inevitable to lose things amidst a move. With the matter of packing everything and making sure it is ready for the movers, it can be difficult to check all cabinets and drawers. Particularly when under the worry of a move, overlooking critical things is normal.

Most Commonly Forgotten Items During a Move

  • Kitchen items like fridge magnets, leftovers, dishwasher dishes, and things in kitchen cupboards can be overlooked during a move. Be certain to check every one of your pantries, particularly the high shelves, before you pack up and take off.
  • Valuable items placed in secret spots
  • Garments at the dry cleaners
  • Outdoor equipment: Check the garage and shed for your garden hose, planting tools and such.
  • Things in the attic, cellar, store room or basement
  • Plungers and different toiletries
  • Clothes hung behind the doors
  • Decorations like, wall-hangings, lamps, pictures.
  • Important files, archives and documents.

Things to Leave for New House Owners

Be certain to leave the garage door opener, important keys and locks. So that it is not a problem for the future house owners to access areas of the house.

The Most Effective Method to Organize Your Move

Plan and Categorize by Room

Start from the inside of your home. You can start with the bedrooms: Pack starting with one room then move onto the next, packing garments, shiPping Supplies, furniture, bedding, and other items. Then precisely labelling each box to know what things are inside, and which room the things belong to. This will make unloading considerably easier!

Utilize Sticky Notes as Reminders

In case you're a visual individual, utilize sticky notes to help yourself to remember imperative things or things you have to do during your move. Stick them wherever the reminders are required or post them in places that you frequently go. You can stick them on the fridge, mirror, cupboards, or on the doors.

Make Use of Checklists

Regardless of whether you take notes on a writing pad, your phone or on digital calendrers, it's critical to ensure all the cleaning, packing, and getting ready are done before your moving date. There are a great deal of things to consider when cleaning your home, and parts of the home can be overlooked in case you're not in control. Get proactive by utilizing alarms and checklists to make sure you do not forget anything.

Get Help from a Professional Moving Company

Moving can be distressing, and in the event that you have a huge house or live alone it can be greatly tedious to handle all the packing by yourself. If you can't get enough time off from work or have other commitments. Have no fear! There are professional movers who know the intricate details of a house relocation, and they offer various services from cleaning, to packing, to moving, and the sky is the limit from there. They can assist you with particular undertakings like moving your things from your old home to your new one or do the majority of the diligent work for you from the initial stage to the last.

Tips To Get Things Ready for Movers

When you hire a moving company, it is your right to expect them to do their work efficiently and effectively. However, it doesn’t really mean that you do not get anything on your plate in terms of the tasks related to moving. As a matter of fact, getting things ready before the movers arrive is going to be of your own eventual benefit. Although you should be willing to help your movers, make sure that you are not doing it on the moving day because it may only end up slowing them down. Thus, you will need to do some preparation in advance.

In order to help your movers, you need to start working from a couple of weeks ahead of moving day. And you will need to have complete knowledge about what you need to do in order to really help the movers.

Separate the items you don’t want your movers to handle

The movers will visit your home to prepare and inventory of items that you will be moving. It means that they are going to look at everything. Here, you will need to separate the items you don’t want to be handled by the movers. There are quite a lot of those kinds of items. For instance, you don’t want your important documents, mobiles, jewelry and other valuables to be handled by the movers. You can put these items in a separate box and label it so that your movers will know about the items they don’t need to touch. You can load those items into the car ahead of time.

Defrost the fridge

When you have a refrigerator full of foods, you might forget about its defrosting, which is actually quite important before moving. Well, you are going to have to plan for this step. While you can eat your foods in the fridge but chances are you are going to have to get rid of most of the food items. And since those items are not going to be rotten, you can either donate them or pass them along to your neighbors.

Defrosting the fridge requires more than 24 hours. So you need at least a day for this process. Just make sure that the refrigerator is fully defrosted before the movers arrive.

Roll up the electronic cords

While you can unplug the cords of electronics in a jiffy, you may find it frustrating to untangle them. And then you will need to roll up the cords to pack them separately or with the electronic items they belong to. If you are planning to pack them separately, you will need to label them in order to be able to identify them instantly while unpacking.

Labeling of the boxes

You will need to make sure that your boxes are arriving at their respective places in the new home. For this purpose, you will need to do effective labeling of the boxes. Getting the boxes arriving in the wrong places of the new home is going to be the last thing you want.

Keeping Fragile Items Safe during the Move

While you can move any of your items without worrying much about anything, you will need to make sure that your fragile items are not getting damaged during the transit. The key here is to use the right packaging supplies. If you want to get the best supplies, you can contact the mover working for you or you can go to the nearby home depot. A few tips are worth mentioning in this regard.

Get proper packing supplies

Cardboard boxes and packing tape are the essential supplies you need to get no matter if there are fragile or regular items. However, you need to get a lot of bubble wrap and packing paper if you are specifically dealing with the packing of fragile items. The ultimate goal is to provide as much cushioning as required in order to keep items from breaking or getting damaged.

Avoid doing things in a hurry

It simply means that you need to avoid delaying things till the moving day. When you have fragile items to deal with, you will need to make sure that you have adequate time to pack. Packing with enough time in hand is going to help you in packing the breakables and other fragile items in the ideal way. Remember, packing the fragile items is not just about applying the packing supplies. You will need to explore the items to discover their each part and then pack those items keeping those discovered parts and portions in mind. You will not be able to save your items if they are not properly packing them no matter how experience the moving company you have hired is.

Get professional help

Sometimes, the items are so oddly shaped that you are not quite sure about how to pack those items. But then, it is not going to be the best idea to do the packing without proper knowledge. The ideal way in this regard is to get help from the professionals. Professional packers and movers have experienced in dealing with the packing of items which have odd shapes. They are also available to provide a piece of advice regarding how to pack the fragile items. So, if you are confused about the packing of your items, you just need to make a call and get the knowhow about proper techniques.