Big Bear

In the Mountains of Big Bear Lake, California, in Holcomb Valley you will find some of the best off road trails in southern California. Some easy, some moderate, some hard. While the Colorado ZR2 will likely take damage on the harder trails in Big Bear, there are not many Big Bear 4x4 trails that the ZR2 can't do. John Bull, Holcomb Creek , Dishpan Springs and Mottino Wash are pushing it for a stock Colorado ZR2, but just about everything else in Big Bear is doable with the right line and careful tire placement.

Heartbreak Ridge

Forest route 2N61Y, Heartbreak Ridge / Pontiac Sluice is off 2N01 and 2N02 on the east side of Big Bear, near Tip Top Mountain and Juniper Springs. This moderate rocky off-road trail includes a few technical section that make for a lot of fun in the Colorado ZR2.

The John Bull Gate Keeper

The Gate Keeper on 3N10 / John Bull Trail, at the intersection of 3N32 has become easier over the past couple years as the boulders at the base of this obstacle have moved to the sides. So, we decided to try it in the ZR2...

White Mountain

3N17 / White Mountain includes some steep and mildly rocky climbs. Becasue of the long, steep hills, White Mountain is a great trail for the Colorado ZR2s long wheel base.

The White Mountain Trail travels between 3N14 on the west and 3N16 on the east.

Gold Mountain

3N69 / Gold Mountain may be near the Colorado ZR2s limits.

The first rock ledge obstacle on this trail gave us the most trouble, but the slightly longer wheel base of the Colorado actually made the second obstacle, or "water-fall" a bit easier than it is in this Jeep Rubicon with 35" tires.

Little John Bull

Check out this video of the Colorado ZR2 on some Big Bear California off-road trails. 4x4 trails in this video include; 3N10 / Little John Bull ( the easier half ) 3N07A / The Squeeze 3N17/ White Mountain and a little bit of the easier, west side John Bull Gate Keeper / John Bull exit

This Chevy off road truck handled these trails better than expected.